Top destinations for your spring break

Spring break is a welcome break form studies for students all over America. It is a week long period that usually starts around Easter in March or April every year. During spring break students go to visit tourist places of their choice and spend some time in the company of their friends. Also referred to as Easter vacation, this time in the year is enjoyed by students partying with friends in warm climate on the beaches across the country. Here are some of the top destinations for your spring break.

1. Cancun

Cancun is a place on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering Arabian Sea in Mexico. This tropical paradise in Mexico is a favourite spring break destination for a large number of students studying in colleges located in the Border States like Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Cancun is famous for its sandy beaches and turquoise waters. There are many hotels and resorts along miles of nearly perfect beaches where students enjoy cheap booze, delicious food, and loud music to party whole night.

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another very popular spring break destination for students. There are no beaches here but this city offers myriad opportunities for fun and entertainment to these students in the form of casinos, pool side parties, and night clubs. The Strip is a virtual haven for students as they can have endless entertainment without any restrictions form the authorities.

3. Miami

This beach town in Florida is the most glamorous place for spring break for students. Miami is famous for its neon lit art district, posh boutiques and restaurants, and nightclubs that promise nonstop fun and entertainment for the young crowd. Miami has many hotels that are popular as party hotels with roof top pools and dance floors.

4. Panama City Beach Florida

Located along the Gulf Coast in panhandle Florida, Panama City Beach is often referred to as spring break capital of the world. Panama City boasts of nearly 27 miles of white sandy beaches and takes pride in organizing spring break for families and students coming from all parts of the country. In addition to fun on the beaches, college students can take part in many other outdoor activities in Panama City to make their spring break memorable.

5. Daytona Beach Florida

This is a very popular spring break destination among students because of its proximity to world famous theme parks in Orlando. Daytona Beach is one of the most important cities on the Fun Coast of Florida. It boasts of 23 miles of beaches with sand that allows you to drive your vehicles upon it. Taking advantage of this quality, large section of Daytona Beach is dedicated to motor sports events that attract large crowds. Students enjoy the free ride in Double Decker buses that take them from hotel to beaches. There are any waterfront parks with rides and games for students to enjoy.

6. Nassau

Nassau in Bahamas is a paradise in the Caribbean that comes alive with the activities of students during spring break every year. It offers stunning beaches as well as nightclubs where students can party whole day long as well as during the night. Nassau enjoys a warm tropical climate round the year and students love the sunshine and the warmth that they need after chilly winter months. In addition to the sun and the sand, students enjoy delicious seafood and cheap booze in the restaurants dotting the beaches in Nassau. They also take part in exciting water sports like snorkelling and diving to have nonstop fun and entertainment during their spring break. Nassau also has open bars where boys and girls take part in dance contests.