Visit Kilen Woods State Park

Kilen Woods State Park

If you’re always on the lookout for the next place to take your RV, PleasureLand RV Center is here to give you a suggestion: Kilen Woods State Park. Kilen Woods sits on a series of high tree-covered hills that provide visitors with striking vistas of small, clear lakes nestled in deep valleys.

Drive along the park’s scenic route to view the flora and fauna in the park, including 150 bird species and 50 species of mammal, including deer, beavers, racoon, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks. The trails are also a great way to see the wildlife while you hike, horseback ride, or cross-country ski (in the colder months).

Spring through fall, the park is “dressed” with displays of trillium, hepatica, bloodroot, yellow lady’s slipper, wild onion, prairie rose, and showy milkweed. If you go in the fall, the park turns into a fall wonderland with brilliant shades of orange, gold, and red.

The park is located at 50200 860th Street in Lakefield, Minnesota. Call 507-831-2900, ext. 222.

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Visiting Blue Mounds State Park

A park as beautiful as it is mysterious, Blue Mounds State Park offers up a truly unique experience. Cacti, prairie grasses, and wildflowers dot the landscape as herds of buffalo move across the horizon. Spring is the perfect time to visit since the grasses haven’t grown to their tall summer heights, so the views are unobstructed. The park also features an enigmatic 1250 foot long stone ledge near the southern end of the park. It may have been used as an ancient calendar by native tribes. On the first days of spring and fall, the sunrise and sunset align perfectly with the stones.

What to Do

The park offers an extensive 20-mile trail system with hikes of varying difficulty. There are well-paved, level paths for beginners and steep dirt paths for more experienced hikers. Nature watching is also a valid activity. The park is notably home to buffalo herds, which you may be lucky enough to spy when you’re walking about. There are also guided tours from park rangers, as well as self-guided interpretive trails. Some trails are open for off-road biking and you can cross-country ski during the winter. There’s a swimming pool at the park open during the summer.

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RV to Pipestone National Monument

Pipestone National Monument

Pipestone National Monument is a sacred place to many American Indians, and the traditions from past generations continue in this part of Minnesota today. American Indians have quarried the red pipestone from the area of the Sacred Pipestone National Monument for generations, and it has been used to create precious pipes used in prayer. It is believed that the smoke from the pipes carries prayers to the Great Spirit. Visiting Pipestone National Monument is an experience of American Indian heritage that you don’t want to miss.

Things to Do at the Park

Pipestone National Monument offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities to visitors. Start by checking out the visitor center, museum exhibits, bookstore, gift shop, cultural demonstrations, 22-minute film and interpretive programs. After learning the history of the area, enjoy the Circle Trail nature walk, which passes the breathtaking Winnewissa Falls, the native tallgrass prairie, Old Stone Face, pipestone quarries and other historical markers. The Three Maidens picnic area is an ideal place to rest and enjoy a meal after your hike.

Park Details

The entrance fee to visit Pipestone National Monument is $3 per person for anyone 16 years of age or older. American Indians enrolled in a tribe recognized by the U.S. government always receive free entry. The monument is open seven days a week and year round from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Camping Near the Monument

The Pipestone National Monument is located in Pipestone, Minnesota, and although there are no campsites at the monument proper, there are plenty nearby. The Pipestone RV Campground is located directly across from the park’s entrance, and the Split Rock Creek State Park is just 6 miles away in Ihlen, Minn. Enjoy your visit to the park, then relax in your RV amidst the gorgeous scenery of Pipestone.

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Easy Ways to Garden on the Road

Gardening on the road.

You don’t have to give up all of your favorite parts of owning a brick-and-mortar home to live life on the road. RVs are now more spacious and luxurious than ever, but they still don’t offer the amount of outdoor space you need to maintain your summer garden. However, what many travelers don’t know is that you can garden on the go. The following are a number of methods you can use to bring your gardening hobby on the road with you.

Start a Container Garden

Container gardening is a popular trend among homeowners and RV enthusiasts alike. This method of gardening allows you to keep pests and weeds at bay while enjoying a garden that can be taken anywhere. Simply move your container garden outdoors when you’re at the RV park and store it safely in your RV when you’re on the road.

Consider an Herb Garden

Herbs are easy plants to grow on the road, and they work extremely well in container gardens. Oregano, rosemary, basil and mint are herbs that are easy to grow in varying light conditions, so consider placing a small herb garden in one of your RV windows, and you’ll enjoy the fresh-picked flavor of herbs year round.

Purchase RV Window Boxes

So many RV enthusiasts love to garden that a number of inventions have been made to help people garden on the go. There are a number of RV window boxes and planters that fit on RV bumpers available. You can also create these easy-to-build planters yourself. Strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and an abundance of flowers have been known to grow well in planters.

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Visit Alexander Ramsey State Park

Minnesota is one of the country’s best states for outdoor fun. With scores of campgrounds, state parks, and wildlife preserves, there’s always a new area to explore. Take Alexander Ramsey State Park, for example. Located at 99 Oak St. in Redwood Falls, MN, Alexander Ramsey State Park is the largest municipal park in the state.

The park covers over 200 acres and is home to a number of species. Termed as the “Little Yellowstone of Minnesota,” the park is enhanced by 1930’s Civilian Conservation Corps shelters and bridges and picturesque Ramsey Falls. The park serves as a focal point for community events, festivals and summer activities and features campground facilities, shelter houses, four miles of paved hiking trails, a DNR trout stream, scenic overlooks, and a zoo.

RVers will find a number of RV sites to use, making for a comfortable spot to set up camp and stay for a few nights while exploring the area. The park occupies land along the Redwood River, which adds to the area’s charm.

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National Nutrition Month: How to Eat Nutritiously on the Road

Eating healthy while traveling is always a challenge, and all of those billboards displaying juicy cheeseburgers and salty French fries aren’t helping. However, you don’t have to slip into the habit of dining at fast food restaurants gas stations along your travels. These simple and effective tips are all you need to start eating healthier on the road.

Don’t Wait Until You’re on the Road

Much of eating healthy on the road has to do with planning. Pack healthy foods inside your RV’s kitchen, so you’re not forced to stop at unhealthy restaurants when you get hungry. Keep healthy snacks like fresh fruit, vegetables, energy bars (made with nuts, dried fruit and seeds), nuts and beef jerky on hand, so you turn to them instead of Burger King or McDonald’s when hunger strikes.

Plan Your Stops

One of the most enjoyable parts of RV travel is testing out new restaurants along your journey. You can eat healthy while continuing to eat out by researching the restaurants at your stops. Use location apps like AroundME to help you choose local eateries that offer healthier fare than the big chains that dot America’s highways.

Eat More Often

Eating small amounts of food every 2 to 3 hours, such as a piece of fruit or a handful of trail mix, will help steer you away from bad decisions. If your stomach remains satisfied, you won’t find yourself reaching for gas station chili dogs.

Drink Plenty of Water

Always keep a water bottle in your cup holder and drink roughly 8 ounces every hour. Thirst is often disguised as hunger, and you could end up packing in the calories, when all you really need is a glass of water.

Upgrade Your RV

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Visiting Voyageurs National Park

Visit Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park, near International Falls, Minnesota, is easily one of the state’s best parks. Established in 1975, the park’s name commemorates the voyageurs, who were French-Canadian fur traders who were the first European settlers to traverse the region. The park is hilly and full of waterways, with steep rock cliffs and lush forests. It’s a popular destination among water enthusiasts, especially canoeists and kayakers, as well as fishermen.

Park Details

Voyageurs National Park is open in all seasons; however, the Rainy Lake Visitor Center is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays from Jan. 9 to May 21. The Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center and Ash River Visitor Center are closed from late September through late May.

There are no fees to enter Voyageurs National Park. However, the campground does require campers to register and pay an amenity fee. Pets are allowed in many areas of the park, including the Frontcountry campsites. They are not allowed in the Backcountry campsites on the Kabetogama Peninsula. Pets must be under control and on a 6-foot leash at all times.

Things to Do

There’s no shortage of things to do at Voyageurs National Park during the spring and summer. The park is full of hiking trails, with over 50 miles of well- marked and maintained paths. If you’re interested in long-distance backcountry backpacking hikes, you’re in luck: some of the trails are long enough to keep you busy for days.

If you’ve got a boat towing behind your RV, Voyageurs National Park is the perfect place to use it. In fact, those who boat, canoe, or kayak are in the best position to get the most out of the park since there are numerous islands out on the lakes throughout. These are only accessible by watercraft, but are open for exploration to those who can reach them. If you don’t have a boat along, you can always rent one from the rental service available throughout the park. Whether you own or rent, if you want to get the most out of your visit it’s advisable that you take to the water at some point. If you visit during the summer, however, you can use the shuttle service with a park ranger guide to see some of the more notable islands.

For your own safety, be sure to consult with a ranger before you take your canoe or kayak out: the waterways of the park have hazardous rocks just beneath the surface and only about 10% are marked. A ranger can advise you on the safest routes to travel.

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Visit Quarry Park & Nature Preserve

Quarry Preserve Nature Preserve

When you’re traveling through Minnesota this spring or summer in your RV and you find yourself near Waite Park, Minnesota, be sure to stop by Quarry Park & Nature Preserve for a couple of days of fun and relaxation.

The park resides on nearly 700 acres of land and is one of the region’s largest parks. The park has scenic woodlands, open prairies, wetlands, and even an unquarried bedrock. The park is covered by oak and aspen woods, as well as Indian paintbrush and even prickly pear cacti.

Visitors can enjoy granite reflecting pools, two swimming quarries, and scenic views. Activities include mountain biking and hiking trails, trout fishing, geocaching, rock climbing, scuba diving, and more.

If you come back in the winter, you can also enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tire cycling on the trails.

The park is open year round daily from 8am to just after sunset. You can find the park at 1802 County Road 137, Waite Park, MN. Call 320-255-6172 for more information.

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Cross-Country RV Road Trips for Your Bucket List

RV cross country trips

There are road trips and then there are road trips. While quick jaunts to a nearby campground are one thing, there’s an unrivaled sense of romance to hitting the road and striking out across the country. It’s a grand adventure that every RVer ought to attempt at least once. If you’ve got the time and the inclination, try one of these ambition road trips this spring or summer.

The Great River Road

Following the Mississippi River more than 3,000 miles and across ten states, the Great River Road is one cross-country road trip that you’ve got to try. Whether you start down in Louisiana and work your way up to Minnesota or vice versa, you’ll see tons of sites along the way. It’s easy enough to follow, too: there are signs along the route, white with a green pilot’s wheel, that will keep you on track. There are over 70 interpretive stops along the route, including historic sites, parks, and museums. The road is anchored at one end by New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico with Itasca State Park in Minnesota at the other end.

Interstate 10 Coast-to-Coast

As the southernmost interstate that spans the entirety of the country, Interstate 10 makes for a great road trip. Connecting Jacksonville, Florida, on the east coast to Los Angeles, California, on the west coast, there’s a lot of stuff to see and do in between. You’ll pass through cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Quartzsite, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, among others. You’ll also pass by or through such parks as Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bend National Park, and others. It’s a perfect trip through the fall to spring; the summers in the south make it a daunting proposition.

Interstate 90 Coast-to-Coast

Alternatively, if you’d rather see the northern portion of the country and want a good trip to take during the summer, try Interstate 90. It spans between Boston, Massachusetts, and Seattle, Washington. The cities that anchor the route are definitely great stops, but the true highlight of Interstate 90 is the section that runs through Wyoming and South Dakota. See Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and more. While there are many cities along the way, Chicago is definitely a mid-trip highlight.

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The Best Spring Break Destinations Around the Country

When you get that much-needed break from school and work every spring, you want to spend it wisely. Fortunately, there are tons of unbelievable spring break destinations right here in the United States that you can visit in the comfort of your RV. So forget about pricey plane tickets and hotel stays, and visit some of these awesome destinations right here in the U.S.

grand canyon spring break

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Escape the freezing temperatures of Minnesota and see our country’s 15th oldest national park. Grand Canyon National Park is a must-visit spring break destination for any RV enthusiasts, and with easy access to cities like Flagstaff and Williams, you can also enjoy other activities like adventure tours, golfing, nightlife and luxurious accommodations. If you don’t want to camp at the Grand Canyon, opt for the Flagstaff KOA or the J and H RV Park to be closer to the action of Flagstaff.

Key Largo, Florida

The RV lifestyle is celebrated in the Florida Keys, where relaxing and having fun is the goal of every day. See breathtaking landscapes, venture out on paddleboards, go fishing, take scuba lessons, or just relax in a hammock at your campsite in gorgeous Key Largo. Stay at the Key Largo Kampground and Marina and enjoy easy access to the Atlantic Ocean as well as all of the tropical outdoor activities the Keys have to offer.

Galveston, Texas

If you’re looking for a beach destination this spring, but don’t want to travel all the way to Florida, you can escape the winter weather on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Stay at the Jamaica Beach RV Park — Galveston’s newest RV park — and spend your days swimming in the ocean, lounging by the pool, or exploring the beach town’s countless attractions.

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