Deciding Between a Diesel or Gasoline Motorhome Engine Part I

Now that you’ve already decided on a Class A Motorhome , you’ll need to decide on what type of engine you’d like to have – diesel or gasoline? As with all things, there are pros and cons to both. But that’s why Pleasureland RV is here! Let’s start by looking at the more familiar first – the gasoline motorhome engine.


Upfront Cost. The gasoline engine is cheaper to purchase upfront and upgrading is cheaper as well.

Engine Noise. The gasoline engine is quieter than its diesel counterpart has less vibration.

Cold Weather Camping. If you camp often in the winter months, a gasoline engine gives a small advantage. The diesel engine struggles to start in extremely cold weather; however, your gas engine will start easier in these conditions. You can probably go without a block heater unless you are camping in North Dakota in February.


Long-term Cost. However, the cost of maintenance for the life of the gas engine is a actually a slight disadvantage in comparison the diesel engine.

Fuel Economy. You’re looking at less MPG with a gasoline engine since a gas engine burns fuel faster.

Long Term Maintenance. The gasoline engine has been known to have a shorter life than the diesel engine and replacing parts like the head gasket and cylinder work on gasoline engines happen more often.

Towing Weight. The gasoline engine does not have as much torque so the GW on towing will be lower in gasoline engines.

So what do you think, Minnesota? You may want to stick around and hear about the PROs and CONs of diesel engines next. As always, you can swing by one of Pleasureland RV’s four Minnesota RV dealerships or give us a call.



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