Different Ways to Tow Your Toad Behind Your Minnesota RV

Taking a toad (a tow vehicle, also known as a dinghy) along on our Minnesota RV trips is not only the safe choice, it’s also the smart choice in my opinion. Toads help you save on wear and tear on your motorhome while giving you freedom and flexibility on your vacations.

If you decide to add a toad to your next RV trip, you’ll have to choose a method of towing it. Let’s take a look at three different options and hopefully help you decide which is right for you. Remember, you can always give us a call if you need more help deciding.

Tow Bars

A tow bar pulls a dinghy while all four wheels are on the ground.

Pros: Relatively speaking, this method is the easiest to use and least expensive. A lot of RV manufacturers offering mounted tow bars which remain connected to your RV at all times. This provides the advantage of built-in storage and also has a clean look.

Cons: Because the base plate portion of a tow bar is unique to different vehicles, you may have to have a custom install if a base plate for your dinghy does not already exist… and that can get a little pricey. Unless your dinghy is equipped with a speedometer disconnect or electronic speedometer, it’s going to tack on the same mileage as your RV. A lot of tow bars systems, backing up your RV while the dinghy is attached is going to be out of the question. Unlike tow dollies and trailers, tow bar systems do not come with lights. So you’ll need to use a tow light kit or wire into the towed vehicles system.

Tow Dollies

Tow dollies are two-wheeled trailers that tow two wheels of a car. First you attach the dolly to your RV and then drive your car up the ramp where it is secured by straps or chains.

Pros: One dolly can be used to tow a variety of vehicles and can tow almost all vehicles that cannot be towed by all four wheels.

Cons: Similar to tow bars, dollies are not easy to back up. If your car is rear-wheel-drive, then forget it. We strongly advise against towing vehicles backward. Dollies can be a bit on the expensive side, and you’ll also run into the issue of where to store the dolly once you arrive at your location. If you decide to use this method, be sure and check with the licensing requirements before heading out.


Trailers provide the only way to tow a vehicle with all four wheels off the ground.

Pros: By using a trailer, you can forget about putting wear and tear on your car, as well as mileage. Trailers also allow you to reverse while attached and many come equipped with brakes.

Cons: The main disadvantage in using a trailer, is factoring in the added weight to your trip. You’re also going to have to find a place to store the trailer once you arrive at your destination.

So Minnesota, which option suits you best? For more help, come by one of Pleasureland RV’s four Minnesota locations. We’ll be happy to help you make your decision.

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