Hiking Gear Necessities


RVing and hiking go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you RV and frequent national parks and campgrounds, chances are you’re familiar with a good hike. But if you’ve yet to embark on a good walk in the nature that surrounds your site if if you generally stick to shorter trails, there’s some indispensable gear that you need to take on longer, more rigorous excursions.

Plenty of Water

Water is absolutely essential. This should go without saying, but staying hydrated is more important than anything else. Dehydration can occur rapidly if you’re exerting yourself and can be debilitating enough to prevent you from continuing back to the safety of your camp or RV. Bring plenty of water bottles or a full canteen. Check before you set out if there are any sources of clean water along your trail in case you need to top your supply off.

Energy Rich Snacks

To keep your energy up and to remain on your feet it’s important to have some good energy rich snacks for your hike. These take up relatively little space in your pack and aren’t heavy, so why not have them? These could include protein bars, fruits, nuts, or anything that provides a good blend of filling protein and quick energy from carbohydrates and sugars.

Hiking Footwear

Good footwear is necessary if you’re taking a long hike. This includes either boots or shoes designed for hiking, plus some well-cushioned socks. This will reduce your chance for blisters, improve your stability and traction, and generally increase the distance you can walk by ameliorating fatigue.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

If you’re hiking in the heat of summer, make sure to wear a good hat and breathable clothing. If it’s winter, keep yourself warm with a sturdy coat, pants, and long sleeves. Use your best judgement, but always dress for the worst case scenario: what would you need to wear if you got lost and had to stay out in the elements over night?

Charged Cell Phone

We didn’t have cell phones back in the day, but now that we do, there’s no excuse not to have one on you. Even if reception isn’t great out where you’re at, it’s still better to have a cell phone with spotty reception than to have an emergency with no cell phone at all. A cell phone can also help you keep track of time so you know when you need to turn back.

Hiking Buddy

Never go out alone. The longer and wilder the trail, the more this is important. A buddy on the trail is invaluable. In case something goes awry, you have backup to assist you, whether in lending aid themselves or finding aid.

Along the same vein, always inform a third party of your whereabouts and hiking route prior to embarking. This can be someone who stays back at camp or even a relative or friend back home. In case you and your party get lost and you can’t make contact with the outside world with your cell phone, having someone who is knowledgeable of your intended location and plans is invaluable.

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