October 5 is National Do Something Nice Day

One of the things we really enjoy about the RV lifestyle at PleasureLand RV Center is the people. It seems those that participate in the activity are genuinely nice and very helpful to each other. That’s why October 5th is a day that should easily be celebrated. What is being celebrated? It’s National “Do Something Nice” Day.

Not limited to RVers, of course, Do Something Nice Day is a day to simply do something nice for someone. It could be something small like offering a compliment or something major like giving away a pre-paid credit card. It got us thinking about some ways we could observe National Do Something Nice Day.

  • Offer to pay the check of the car behind you in a fast food drive-thru line.
  • Leave a thank you note to your mailman.
  • Include a scratch off lottery ticket with your tip at a restaurant.
  • Wash your spouse’s car.
  • Take some balloons to a nursing home.
  • Give a child a dollar in a dollar store.
  • Do a chore your spouse would normally do around the house.
  • Call someone just to tell them you love them.
  • Send a note of appreciation to your child’s teacher.
  • Make an effort to smile at everyone that day.
  • Send flowers to someone you know could use a pick-me-up.
  • Pay a toll for a car behind you.

No one seems to know the origin of National Do Something Nice Day, but it is certainly worth celebrating. We are sure you can think of your own ways to observe October 5th, and perhaps even beyond. Call it “paying it forward” or “random acts of kindness,” but we know RVers are pretty good at it.

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