How Can Full-Timers Keep Fit on the Road?

It seems as though fulltime RVing has become more and more popular over the years. This is probably because we have all of the luxuries found in our homes in our RVs. Not to mention the advancements in technology that allow us to stay connected in the real world. There is, however, one thing missing from our RVs – a gym. Sure we’ve seen the real fancy RV interiors with treadmills that come down from the ceiling, but that sure seems like an expensive way to stay in shape. You’d also have to be all right with a repetitive workout.

So what are some good ways full-timers can stay fit on the road without breaking the bank? The first, and probably the most obvious, way to do this is outdoor activities at campground. Go for a morning or nightly walk. Venture out on a hike. Not only will you get in some quality exercise, you’ll also be able to view the scenery and get familiar with your campground.

A lot of RVers will bring along a second form of transportation on their RV trips, especially if you’re traveling in a toy hauler. If you don’t already own a bicycle, consider getting one to bring on the road. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise, and as I mentioned above, you can get familiar with the campground and scenery.

For those of you with children aboard, you may have a bit of a harder time getting them out to exercise. Not to worry though, there are now really fun video games that give you a great workout right inside of the RV. These games are not only made for kids either. Adults can have just as much fun and get the same great workout. There is one little downside to this method of exercise — you’ll have to buy the game console (Nintendo Wii or xBox Kinect). If you do decide to take this route, and I strongly recommend you do especially if you have younger ones aboard, you should check out these games.

WII Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus uses a scale-like controller, It uses a Wii balance board which does the weight and calculates your body mass. You can customize your routine and work out on specific target areas. Has cool stuff like yoga and strength training.


Active Life: Outdoor Challenge

You run, you jump, you tilt, you pump your arms and before you know it, you’ll find yourself lying on the floor listening to your heart pump madly in your chest. This collection of energetic mini-games is a bit of a mixed bag in the fun department, but it will sure make you work, and you can play it with a friend.

Xbox 360 Kinect – Your Shape Fitness Evolved

This game talks you through and walks you through the exact movements you need to get in shape. When you type in your age, weight and habits it will make sure not to over do it on your work out. It has things like Tai Chi and yoga.

Kinect Sports

Full body controller. Work out and have fun with your family!


So full-time Minnesota RV owners , how do you plan on keeping fit on the road?