See How Your RV Was Made Minnesota

Minnesota RV Dealer 2012 Dutchman Aerolite Have you ever been sitting in your new or used RV and found yourself thinking about how your amazing house on wheels was made? If you think about it, it would seem like there is so much involved in the process –the electronics, the plumbing/water systems and the whole structure itself. Well, you no longer have to wonder thanks to the Discovery Channel’s show called How It’s Made. They did an awesome five-minute feature that takes you from the steel cutting to the finishing touches and everything in between including electrical, plumbing and furnishings. You’ll also see how they seal off the RV to prevent water leakage and construct the exterior. Enjoy!

So Minnesota RV owners, what’d you think? Did you learn something new? I know I did. If you’re itching for more, here’s another mini-sode of how pop-up trailers are made.