Five Tips For Staying Organized This Summer

If you are looking for things to help organize pre-owned RVs Minneapolis Minnesota has an RV dealership with items to help you with this task, as does an RV dealership Canada. These are just a few tips, but with a little imagination, you can come up with more for your personal situation, especially if you have a smaller RV.

Keeping organized helps keep the RV from getting messy, and keeping a small space neat, especially if you have children, can be a full time job. Turn it into a part time job with these tips on staying organized.

Tip #1: Use a cooler and ice for drinks if you are staying in one place for a few days. This saves room in the refrigerator so you can pack it with enough food so that you won’t have to go to the grocery store every day. Plus, the ice keeps drinks — water, soda, beer — much colder than the refrigerator. This also keeps the kids out of the fridge and conserves energy. This is especially helpful if your refrigerator is running on gas.

RV Dealerships carry all kinds of parts and accessories to help organize your summer trips. Photo Credit: Pleasureland RV
Tip #2: Install under-the-table drawers. You can find these at most RV dealerships in the parts store. They are thin and are great for storing pens, crayons, kitchen gadgets and just about anything else that is small and likely to get lost.

Tip #3: Get wall bins to hold magazines, television clickers and other items that you may want to use every day, but don’t want laying around the RV. They can also hold mail, important documents and small items to keep the RV organized.

Tip #4: If you run out of space to store clothing and don’t want to keep pulling out suitcases, use hanging hammock nets under the overhead cabinets to store clothing, extra pillows and blankets.

Tip #5: To save space in the bathroom, use a tall, covered toilet paper roll holder to hold extra toilet paper. This will save space in the bathroom cabinets for other stuff that should not be left out.