Eight Tips for a Bug-Free RV Season in Minnesota

It’s no surprise that Spring has come early this year, and according to Rainbow Pest Experts in Minnesota, this is going to be a bad season for all types of insects. The company states on its website that due to an early start of record breaking temperatures, we are on track for a bumper crop of a large insect population. Ants, spiders, box elder bugs, mosquitoes and centipedes start to emerge from their winter dormancy three to 4 weeks early. An earlier insect season means a longer season for multiple reproductions. Yuck!

As Minnesota RVers , we spend a lot of time outside. So this isn’t the best news in the world for us. However, there are some things we can do to try and stay bug-free this RV season. Dr. Brian Aw, a general practitioner who specializes in travel medicine, suggests the following eight tips:

  • Stay Scent-Free. Avoid using scented soaps, lotions and shampoos.
  • Gear Up. Cover your skin as completely as possible. This may be challenging by the beach, but when possible wear long sleeves, pants and socks.
  • Be Color Conscious. Mosquitoes are attracted to blue, so avoid this color and stick to neutral colors.
  • Use Repellent. Repellents containing DEET are most effective for areas with heavy mosquito or tick infestation.
  • Alternative Repellents. When applied frequently, citronella-based repellents can provide the same bug protection as products containing low concentrations of DEET. I recommend Natrapel®, which contains 10 percent citronella to ward off bugs for up to two hours.
  • Meal Time. Be alert to the time of day when certain insects are most active such as dawn and twilight.
  • Check Point. Upon returning indoors, check your children and yourself for bites.
    Treatment. Sunburn and bite treatment products should be included in every outdoor adventurer’s travel kit.

It’s also a good idea to avoid insects’ favorite places. Mosquitoes like cool, moist places. So avoid stagnant pools of water. Flies will usually be near animals and sweets.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the road, I’d advise you follow Dr. Aw’s suggestions. There are also several home remedies I’ve heard throughout the years including rubbing dryer sheets over your clothes. What are some of your homes remedies to keep bug-free?