A Man’s Best Friend and His Motorhome

In 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson and his driving partner, Sewall Crocker, completed the first transcontinental drive in an automobile from San Francisco to New York City. This was no mean feat. They drove over roads that weren’t “roads” in any modern sense of the word. With few available maps, it took 63 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes to complete. But Nelson and Crocker also had a very special driving companion. His name was Bud. A sprightly Staffordshire Terrier clad in handsome road goggles, Bud was their tireless compatriot and friend, making the long, grueling journey even more memorable.

Since that historic road trip, our dogs have crisscrossed America with us. Would we have it any other way? Nope! So let’s blaze some RV trails this spring, and take along our best four-legged friends (the family and two-legged friends can come too). There are some great, pet-friendly RV camping spots and hiking trails waiting to be discovered.

Minnesota’s state parks offer miles and miles of hiking trails, from gentle to challenging to everything in between, so do your research to choose the right paths for you and your dogs. Be sure to read through the state park guidelines on where pets can go and how to manage them. Tip: Start with Jay Cooke State Park or Grand Portage State Park in the North Shore region for the diversity in activities for family and pets.

And, for both you and your pets, don’t forget to pack plenty of water and sunscreen (yes, pets can get sunburned too, and many vets recommend a zinc oxide). Be sure to choose a sunscreen that’s safe for your pets.

Finally, you’ll want a few snacks for whatever hiking, swimming, or camping experience you’re planning. There are pet bakeries throughout Minnesota, like Sunny’s Canine Creations in Saint Paul, and you can find all kinds of goodies when you’re in the neighborhood. Make some great Minnesota RV travel memories with your best friend this spring!

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