Columbus Day and the Spirit of Exploration

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At PleasureLand RV Center we appreciate the spirit of exploration. In October, Columbus Day is a reminder of that spirit of discovery. It recognizes a man who had the desire to see what was out there, and followed through on that desire.

Columbus was 41 years old when he made his first trip to the New World and only lived to be 55 years old. What a life it was. In just the last 14 years of his life the explorer made three additional trips, beginning a wave of European exploration in the west.

For those seeking a little Columbus Day trivia, Christopher Columbus’ name in Italian is Cristoforo Colombo. In the Spanish language it is Cristóbal Colón. His Dad wove wool and sold cheese at a stand. In some of his own writings Columbus said the first time he took to the seas was when he was 10. Columbus was certainly not a scholar, but he was ambitious and liked to learn. He was also obviously very curious.

I think a lot of us who enjoy RVing share some of the same traits of Columbus. We enjoy the open spaces, have a natural curiosity, and enjoy learning about different places. We get a thrill out of seeing what is around the next corner, and over the next hill. There is excitement in planning a trip and executing those plans.

So as we recognize Christopher Columbus and his accomplishments, we need to perhaps renew our own spirit of adventure. We may need to recharge our sense of enthusiasm for seeing new places and discovering new places. It is natural, but many times RVers can fall into a routine of going back to the same places, seeing the same vistas. We can sometimes fall into habits that are a bit contrary to why we got an RV in the first place.

This Columbus Day, challenge yourself to explore someplace new and exciting in your RV. Take out a map and throw a dart or let your spouse choose the location. If you tend to go to the same places and see the same things, make a commitment to explore. After all, that is part of the joy of having an RV. Sometimes we just forget that.

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