Destination Trailers at PleasureLand RV Center

photo by pleasureland

If you’re convinced you can’t afford your dream vacation home, you’ll want to think again. Here at PleasureLand RV Center, we offer a massive selection of affordable and luxurious destination trailers. These top-quality trailers will keep you comfortable no matter how long you decide to stay, and they can easily be moved to another location when you decide you want a change.

The following are some of our favorite destination trailers at PleasureLand RV Center right now, but we suggest you log online or stop by one of our locations to view our entire selection.

New 2014 CrossRoads Hampton 380FK

Now is the time to get an insane deal on this CrossRoads Hampton. We’re clearing out our lot and making room for 2016 models, so the brand-new 2014s are being offered for close-out prices. This destination trailer has all of the comforts of a full-time home, including a residential kitchen at the front of the RV, an electric fireplace, flat-screen TVs, a free-standing dinette, pantry and countless other touches.

New 2016 Keystone Residence 4051FL

The brand-new 2016 Keystone Residence allows you to live in luxury for an unbeatable price. This top-end destination trailer is equipped with stainless steel appliances, a counter with bar stools, double sink, a bedroom with private entry, pillow-top mattress, ceiling fan, electric fireplace, chaise sofa and all of the touches you’d want in your dream vacation home.

Used 2007 Skyline Nomad 3860

If you’re looking for an absolute steal on your new home away from home, this 2007 Skyline Nomad is it. This destination trailer has all of the amenities of the latest models, including bunk beds, overhead cabinets, residential appliances, a dual sink, two recliners, a massive master bedroom, medicine cabinet and everything you need to feel at home wherever you park. Even better, you can tow this destination trailer away for just under $14,000 today.

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