Famous RVers

Tons of celebs have – and use – RVs, as they like to relax or use them to move from city to city. One – John Madden – even uses an RV as his home away from home when going back and forth across the country. He had a panic attack on a plane due to the confined space and the inability to “leave” when he wanted to.

It’s not just everyday people who have an RV – celebs love their RVs, too. Stop by PleasureLand RV to walk through some of the models – if you were on the fence about buying one, you will definitely have your mind changed for the better!

Jeff Daniels has a Gulf Stream Tour Master and has owned RVs for years. Matthew McConaughey travels in an International Ocean Breeze Airstream – and sometimes even sleeps in it in his driveway.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have an Airstream 245 – a vintage one at that – that they call the “Luv Sub.” Colin Farrell also has a classic Airstream. Dolly Parton and her husband travel in an RV. Mike Andretti prefers his RV to hotel rooms.

Sean Penn takes it to the limit – he lives in a 27 ½-foot Airstream on 50 acres, or he did, until his RV was destroyed in the Malibu fires. Jeff Gordon calls his RV his “home away from home,” while Paul Newman has reportedly said that his RV is the only place he can find peace and quiet.


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Dan Dierdorf has owned five different RVs over the years. He currently owns a Country Coach. Gary Burghoff calls his RV his home and says that it’s a “terrific way to live.” Rob Lowe goes RVing with his kids.

Even Clarence Thomas, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice likes to go RVing – he said that it helps him do his job better. And, no wonder, going RVing is relaxing and the longer you can stay in your RV in the middle of nowhere, the more relaxed you become.

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