It’s Motorcycle Awareness Month, Minnesota RV Drivers

Hey Minnesota RVers , did you know that it’s motorcycle awareness month? As RVers, we have to be especially careful of our fellow drivers on the road… especially motorcycles. Because of there size, motorcycles can look a lot farther away than they really are. This also makes it difficult to judge their speed.

In light of motorcycle awareness month, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) recommends that we as drivers remember a few things when it comes to the safety of motorcyclists.

First, always focus on driving. Nothing is worse than a distracted driver, let alone a distracted RV driver. So put down the cell phone. Remember, food, pets and even other passengers can be bad distractions.

Second, look for motorcyclists. Like I said before, motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and are often harder to see.

Third, give motorcyclists enough room. Always keep a safe distance when following a motorcycle. Don’t change lanes too close in front of a rider. Motorcyclists and their machines generally don’t just have fender-benders…

Fourth, use your turn signals. Not only does this help everyone’s safety, it’s also the law.

Lastly, keep it in the car. Trash, including cigarette butts, should stay in the car, not thrown out where it could hit a motorcyclist. Road debris can kill a rider. Besides, littering is a hefty fine. This also goes for things on the outside of our RVs. Make sure everything is tied down tightly.

For us Minnesota RVers , we live our lives on the road. Sometimes, we can forget that there are others on the road, too. And since motorcycles are harder to see, we have to especially look out for them.

[Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation ]

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