Properly Dispose of the Black Water in Your Minnesota RV

One of the less desirable things we have to do as RV owners is take care of our waste water. It’s a dirty job, but guess what Minnesota RVers ? We’ve got to do it.

There are countless dump stations located across the U.S. and Canada, so there is absolutely no excuse to illegally dump your RV’s waste water tank. Besides being illegal… it’s gross and unsanitary. Take a look at what happened in California when an RV couple decided to empty their contents on a residential street.

These guys give RVers a bad name. There is plenty of really useful information out there. One of my favorite web sites is . They list dump locations by state and provide really helpful information on how to properly dump your tank. Check out some of there tips.

  • When emptying both the black and gray tanks, dump the black-water tank before the gray-water tank so the “soapy water” from the gray tank can clean the residue from the hose.
  • Don’t dump the black-water tank until it is at least two-thirds full. Don’t leave the black-water tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite. This will cause liquids to drain, leaving solid waste behind to harden on the bottom of the tank.
  • Use a heavy-duty sewer hose about 6 to 8 feet long to make handling easier.
  • Carry an extra garden hose for rinsing in case the dump station doesn’t have one. Store this in an area where it won’t come into contact with your drinking water hose.
  • Never use your fresh water hose for rinsing sewer hoses or the dump station area.
  • Wear protective rubber gloves and avoid touching the outside of the gloves.
  • If others are waiting to use the dump station, skip the tank flushing and hose rinsing steps. Pull away from the dump station and then add some water and chemicals to the holding tanks.
  • Never put anything other than the contents of your holding tanks into the dump station.
  • Leave the dump station area cleaner than you found it.

If you need any help or want to learn how to properly empty your tanks, give Pleasureland RV a call or swing by one of our four locations.

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