Road Trip Destinations in Minnesota

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If you’re tired of staying inside and want to take a road trip, consider one or more of these destinations. Even if you’ve been there before but not during the fall season, take a trip and make it a weekend – or even a week! Be sure to bring your camera.

If you do decide to make it a long weekend or a week-long trip, make sure your RV is in perfect condition, especially the furnace. If you haven’t used it yet this season, turn it on and make sure it works. If not, stop by PleasureLand RV so our service techs can repair it before you leave.

Taylors Falls

While many may thing Taylors Falls is a summer destination, don’t discount it for a fall or winter trip. In addition to the kayaking and canoeing you might do during warmer months, the town also has shopping, amusement parks, dining, exploring volcanic potholes and more. Head over to Stillwater on the St. Croix River, and then make your way out on Highway 95 toward Taylors Falls for some fun and some great photo opportunities.


If you like “quaint,” then be sure to head out on State Highway 16 – from the north, take U.S. 63 south – to find caves, Amish colonies and quaint downtown harbors. Go through Lanesboro’s historic downtown for shopping, culture, arts, or just to explore the Root River.


If you take Interstate 94 and Highway 371 and go past St. Cloud, you’ll be in Paul Bunyan country. Once there, you’ll be able to visit many amusement parks, eat walleye sandwiches and experience Native American culture and crafts. You’ll also find plenty of lakeside campgrounds and resorts among the 400 lakes in the area.

North Shore

Take Interstate 35 to Duluth to get some great photo opportunities – and continue past Duluth to see some of the best winter pictures along Lake Superior. If it’s cold enough, you may catch iced-over water falls, plus you can stop at plenty of shops and attractions in the area between Duluth and Canada. And, you’ll find plenty of campgrounds so you can stay overnight – or longer, if you choose.

Stop by PleasureLand RV

Before you head out, stop by PleasureLand RV to pick up anything you might need or to get your RV serviced if needed.

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