Exploring The Features Of The 2012 Winnebago Access

Photo Courtesy Of Winnebago Motor Homes

Picking the perfect recreational vehicle Minneapolis Minnesota is a tricky process. Consider your lifestyle and your habits when shopping for a new RV or motor coach. Large television screens may be the most important feature to one family, but you could find extra sleeping space or a large shower much more meaningful to your unique style of camping. The 2012 Winnebago Access has something for everyone. It also has a few extras that will appeal to full-time RVers that want to stay in their Class C coach year round.

A Sleek Interior

The beautiful interior of this motor home begins with durable, stone-patterned vinyl flooring. A variety of tan and beige tones are used in the upholstery and paneling for a light and tasteful style. Two 19 inch LCD television screens are mounted into the wall board, with one in the front of the layout and the other in the rear. Your kids can watch Saturday morning cartoons while you and your spouse relax with a nice movie.

Cooking In Style

The Winnebago Access has plenty of kitchen space for preparing your own meals. This is especially important if you live full-time in your motor home. Some of the other models available at your local RV dealership Minneapolis are too cramped for daily cooking, causing you to spend a lot more on dining out. This model comes equipped with a 3 burner range top, a sizable oven and a built-in microwave. The refrigerator is spacious enough for three or four days worth of food.

Two Kinds Of Backup Support

Other features of the Access make it ideal for full-timers that like to find National Forest camp sites for a taste of the wilderness. The powerful gas generator will help you use all of the amenities when you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest power line. It also helps if inclement weather causes an electrical hookup to fail when camping at a RV park. The other form of backup support comes from the rear view camera system. You can back into a parking space or maneuver in close quarters without needing a partner on the ground to guide you.

Comfortable Winter Camping

Many fans of winter sports, such as skiing or ice fishing, assume that they can’t take an RV out to resorts for these activities. The Winnebago Access has support systems that allow it to be used during cold weather. The heated drainage system won’t allow your pipes to freeze or crack during storage, but they also keep the water flowing during a December camping trip as well. All of the exterior mirrors also feature defrosting.