RV Evolution: From the Adams Motor Bungalo to the Itasca Ellipse


Adams Motor Bungalo 1917

It’s hard to believe that RVs have been around for more than a century. Technically, the first RV dates back to the days of covered wagons. However, most people consider the 1910 Touring Landau as the first RV. But in my opinion, it was seven years later when the first real RV — The Adams Motor Bungalo (see below)— came to be.

Regardless of which came first, modern RVs were born in the 1910′s and 20′s, in an era all about new inventions and mechanisms that made life simpler. Check out this great montage of the early RVs.

Hard to believe we’ve gone from the Adams Motor Bungalo to something as magnificent as the 2012 Itasca Ellipse that includes the following features:


Click the image to view more pictures of the Ellipse.

  • Exterior Entertainment Center w/TV & DVD
  • Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Power Cord Reel
  • Microwave/Speedcook Oven
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Ultraleather Lounge Chair
  • Infotaiment Center/GPS
  • Residential Refrigerator Package
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Drawer Style Dishwasher
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Compartment Tray Slideout
  • Home Theater System w/Blu-Ray
  • Ultraleather Rest Easy Sectional
  • In-Motion Satellite System
  • Water Supply Hose w/Reel
  • Satellite Radio

She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Come check her out in person at the Pleasureland RV Minnesota dealership and get a first hand feel of just how far we’ve come since the 1900s.