The First Week of October is National Get Organized Week

Photo Courtesy of Apollo RV

As October dawns, the United States is preparing to celebrate “National Get Organized Week” once again. You don’t have to put off your big push for better sorting and storing until the New Year if you’re ready to tackle it now. As you clear off your desk and take steps to reclaim your dining room table, turn your attention to your RV for at least one day of the week. Making these six simple changes inside your recreational vehicle could make next year’s trips easier and more fun.

1. Get creative with hook and loop fabric. Tabs from brands like Velcro can help you keep remotes near your favorite seats, cabinet doors shut, and pet food dishes on the right spot of the floor.

2. Hang up more suspended storage solutions, especially in the kitchen. Two screws through a lid of a glass jar give you an ideal way to store spices or other dry goods without giving up any precious counter top or cabinet space.

3. Keep all of your emergency tools and supplies for the RV in the exterior or undercarriage storage areas. You don’t want to track mud through the interior just to search for that one tire tool you know you brought along.

4. Add shoe organizers everywhere. Two hooks are all you need to create an instant holder for hand tools, cosmetics, shampoos, kitchen utensils, or even shoes!

5. Utilize the back of doors, especially the front door. Keep long cleaning tools like brooms and mops mounted there so you can grab them immediately in case of a spill.

6. Introduce slide out drawers to your tables and any counters without cabinets below them. Just one or two thin drawers give you more space for storing cutlery, cutting boards, and other flat items.

You can also visit PleasureLand RV Center for space-saving devices designed specifically for RVs. There is no need to hunt down mini vacuum cleaners or specialty seat covers if you shop their selection first. If you are really in need of more space when you go on a trip, an upgrade to a larger class of vehicle may also be in order this year.

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