Taking Thanksgiving on the Road

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If you are on the road during the Thanksgiving holiday you don’t have to try to make it home or to a relative’s house unless you really want to – you can take Thanksgiving on the road with you. Even if your RV is not equipped with an oven or convection microwave, you can still enjoy turkey and all of the “fixins” on Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Cooking Options

You’ll have to think a tad outside the box if your RV doesn’t have an oven. Stop by PleasureLand RV to pick up a gas grill or pick up a turkey fryer. If you want to go 100 percent traditional and prefer not to use the fryer, you can still roast turkey on a grill. Gas is easiest, but you can also use charcoal or wood.

Instead of picking up a whole turkey, pick up turkey breasts. Season them and inject them with a light garlic sauce, wrap them in foil and bake them on the grill. So they don’t burn, set them on the cool side of a covered grill. In other words, if you are using gas, turn on the left burner or burners and place the turkey all the way to the right. Adjust the burner until the temperature stays at 325 degrees Fahrenheit with the hood closed. Do the same if you are using charcoal or wood – keep the turkey away from direct flames.

Pies and Cornbread

Bake pies the same way – on the grill – or you can buy pre-made pies. Cornbread comes out great on a grill. Make your favorite recipe. Coat a cast iron pan with bacon fat. This brings out the flavor of the cornbread. Pour the batter into the pan and put it on the cool side of the grill after you have adjusted the temperature.


Cut butternut in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Wrap it in foil and cook it over coals or on the cool side of a grill. When it’s tender, unwrap it, fill the cavities with butter and brown sugar, and then put it back on the grill until the butter and sugar melt.

Potatoes are great if you wrap them in foil with some butter and garlic and cook them right in the coals. Use oven-safe pans to cook other vegetables over a flame or heat them up in the microwave.

Stop by PleasureTime RV

Stop by PleasureLand RV to pick up anything you might need to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner in your RV.

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