Three Ways to Stay Warm Using Your RV’s 12-V Socket

During the winter months, Minnesota RVers are always looking for ways to stay warm. Whether you want to conserve energy or your RV heater stops working, it’s nice to have some form of backup in place so you don’t freeze to death during the night. I’ve compiled a short list of my three favorite RV accessories that are great for providing heat via one of your RV’s 12-V sockets. All of these products are available at Pleasureland RV’s Online Parts Store where you can order online and have them shipped directly to you. If you’re out and about during the winter months, I promise you’ll be happy to have at least one of these on board.

This one is a no-brainer. I always recommend having a portable heater on board. This heater provides a great way to save money and keep you warm at the same time. For example, when you’re ready for bed, you can turn off (or at least turn down) your RV’s heater, close your bedroom door and use the heater to keep your bedroom warm.

12-Volt 300 Watt Heater Pleasureland

Currently On Sale at Pleasureland RV's Online Parts Store


  • Direct-wired, includes all installation hardware
  • 300 Watts of powerful heating comfort
  • Heat or cooling feature with a flip of a switch
  • Adjustable fan speed provides precise comfort level
  • Swivel stand allows airflow to be directed just where you want it
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


Nothing beats a heating blanket. Similar to the portable heater, heated blankets are another great alternative for staying warm throughout the night.

12-V Heated Blanket Pleasureland

Currently On Sale at Pleasureland RV's Online Parts Store

  • Large 60 x 42 wrap-around blanket
  • Made of a comfortable and durable cotton blend
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Convenient 8′ cord
  • Replaceable 5 amp fuse
  • CE Certified



This is a wonderful little product that is actually serves as a heater and a fan. I personally enjoy keeping mine upfront while I’m on the road, but you can use this just about anywhere.

12-Volt Heater and Fan Pleasureland RV

Currently On Sale at Pleasureland RV's Online Parts Store

  • Swivel base for adjustment to any position
  • Includes all installation hardware
  • 6′ Power cord

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