Visit Camden State Park

Camden State Park is a great place to end the summer if you’ve got one last short trip before it’s back to school and business as usual.

The lake, Brawner Lake, and Redwood River are both suitable for swimming and canoeing. Fishing opportunities abound, and you can expect a chance to catch brown trout, bass, and bluegill There are also plenty of trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Wildlife enthusiasts might be able to spot mink, raccoons, songbirds, hawks, coyotes, and whitetail deer. Though much rarer than they used to be, you may also spot buffalo, elk, or golden eagles if you’re very lucky.

The park is named for the town of Camden, which sprang up in 1874 on the back of the fur trade. It thrived for a time, but ultimately declined due to the railroad skipping it as a stop. By the early 1930s Camden was all but abandoned and is today a ruin. Despite this, the area is still known as Camden and the park took on its name when it was founded in 1935.

The park sprawls over 2,247 acres and has nearly 85,000 annual visitors.

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