Visit McCarthy Beach State Park in Your RV This Fall

Whether you want one last day at the lake before the weather gets too cold or you’re on the lookout for your first fall camping road trip, McCarthy Beach State Park is an ideal candidate for either scenario.

With its wonderful beach, it’s perfect for a warm day of swimming and sunbathing. In the fall, the forests around the lake come alive with color as the leaves turn.

In the 1930s, “McCarthy’s beach” became a popular picnic and swimming spot for families living along the Mesaba Iron Range. Named for former property owner John A. McCarthy, the park was established in 1945 as a living memorial to area servicemen that lost their lives in World War II.

Walk along the half-mile of shoreline, or venture out into the shallow water that extends hundreds of feet into the lake.

Launch a boat on Side Lake or Sturgeon Lake to explore the five connected lakes of the Sturgeon chain. Hikers, mountain bikers, and snowshoers enjoy scenic trails that wind along pine-covered ridges and through stands of birch. Snowmobilers and horseback riders take advantage of the Taconite State Trail to access miles of trails outside the park. Located near many tourist attractions, McCarthy Beach State Park offers opportunities for both relaxation and exploration.

The park protects a northern boreal forest with stands of red and white pine, leatherleaf-black spruce lowlands, birch and aspen.

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