2014 Keystone Premier Review

At PleasureLand RV, we love bringing you information about great RVs that can be used as your mobile home. Our Minnesota RV dealership would like to highlight the 2014 Keystone Premier 33BLPR in this review.

Inside the stylish 33BLPR, you’ll have more than enough room for yourself and guests or family. The RV is slightly over 35 feet long, giving you the space needed for multiple inhabitants.

The inside of the 33BLPR has a built-in dinette that seats four or more, and the sink is set into a large counter to give you space for cooking, and an additional pantry has the space needed for dry goods and storage. A refrigerator and three-burner stove with and oven make up a portion of the kitchen space, and a microwave is located above it for quicker meals.

You can enjoy a calming atmosphere inside the 33BLPR. It has a flat-screen TV in the living space and a second entertainment center inside the main bedroom. A bunk, sofa bed, and queen-sized bed provides ample sleeping space in the rear of the vehicle.

The elegant look of the inside is emphasized with wood tones and carpetting. A classic look has been given to all seating, countertops, and wall coverings, so the inside will always look up to date and fashionable. Overhead storage gives you places to put all your belongings while you travel, and a full bathroom gives you a shower, toilet, and sink away from the rest of the home. It can be accessed in the hall headed toward the master suite.

A laundry chute is an additional option, and the master suite adds a wardrobe and overhead storage. Linen closets are included in the bathroom, and the front driving area is made with comfortable seating for long hauls.

Come see it today at PleasureLand RV!

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