Cross-Country RV Road Trips for Your Bucket List

RV cross country trips

There are road trips and then there are road trips. While quick jaunts to a nearby campground are one thing, there’s an unrivaled sense of romance to hitting the road and striking out across the country. It’s a grand adventure that every RVer ought to attempt at least once. If you’ve got the time and the inclination, try one of these ambition road trips this spring or summer.

The Great River Road

Following the Mississippi River more than 3,000 miles and across ten states, the Great River Road is one cross-country road trip that you’ve got to try. Whether you start down in Louisiana and work your way up to Minnesota or vice versa, you’ll see tons of sites along the way. It’s easy enough to follow, too: there are signs along the route, white with a green pilot’s wheel, that will keep you on track. There are over 70 interpretive stops along the route, including historic sites, parks, and museums. The road is anchored at one end by New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico with Itasca State Park in Minnesota at the other end.

Interstate 10 Coast-to-Coast

As the southernmost interstate that spans the entirety of the country, Interstate 10 makes for a great road trip. Connecting Jacksonville, Florida, on the east coast to Los Angeles, California, on the west coast, there’s a lot of stuff to see and do in between. You’ll pass through cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Quartzsite, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, among others. You’ll also pass by or through such parks as Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bend National Park, and others. It’s a perfect trip through the fall to spring; the summers in the south make it a daunting proposition.

Interstate 90 Coast-to-Coast

Alternatively, if you’d rather see the northern portion of the country and want a good trip to take during the summer, try Interstate 90. It spans between Boston, Massachusetts, and Seattle, Washington. The cities that anchor the route are definitely great stops, but the true highlight of Interstate 90 is the section that runs through Wyoming and South Dakota. See Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and more. While there are many cities along the way, Chicago is definitely a mid-trip highlight.

Visit PleasureLand RV Center

Before you attempt one of these cross-country trips, be sure to stop in and see us at PleasureLand RV Center this spring or summer. PleasureLand RV Center can ensure that your RV is ready to handle the road trip ahead and you can make sure that you’re properly outfitted for whatever the road brings.

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