Go Snowshoeing this Winter in Minnesota

When you’re traveling in Minnesota this winter, you may feel limited on where you can go, especially if you’re focusing your travels on the numerous state parks dotted around the state. With a good pair of snowshoes, however, restrictions are lifted and you’re able to get out and hike even when the snowfall is piled up on the ground.

Not only do snowshoes open up more wilderness for you to explore, but they’re easy to use and basic snowshoes are cheap, so there’s basically no barrier to entry if you want to start snowshoeing tomorrow.

Wilderness lovers will love snowshoes: during the spring, summer, and fall, foliage often means that you’ll startle any wildlife near you before you have a chance to spot them. Walking on snow with snowshoes, however, means that you’re nearly whisper quiet when moving through the forests and meadows. You have a much better chance of observing wildlife in their natural state before they become aware of your presence.

In Minnesota, snowshoers are allowed to walk nearly anywhere they desire. The only exceptions are areas and trails that are specifically designated for other activities, such as skiing or snowmobiling.

Don’t hesitate to take your snowshoes to your favorite Minnesota park — the winter landscape will transform it into something familiar yet new, and snowshoes are your ticket to checking out the winter wonderlands all over the state.

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