Our Surplus Store Can Help with These Common DIY RV Projects


Our PleasureLand RV Center online parts store can help with all of you do-it-yourself RV projects. We’re always fully stocked with all of the parts and accessories you need to turn your current RV into your dream home on wheels. The following are just a few of the many parts we offer to help you improve your overall RV experience.

Ventilate Your RV

Our PleasureLand RV Center online parts store is loaded with all of the industry’s latest and greatest RV ventilation systems, from a variety of vent lids to escape hatches, non-powered roof vents and so much more. Many of these items come full assembled with easy installation instructions, so you can save big bucks by not having to take your RV to the shop.

Protect Your RV from the Elements

You can rack up a hefty service bill by having RV technicians seal your RV’s holes and leaks. However, you probably don’t know that you can do many of these repairs yourself. Stop by our online parts store to shop a huge variety of adhesive sealant options to ensure that your RV is 100-percent leak-free for the upcoming spring travel season.

We’re also stocked with epoxy, fiberglass and plastic repair products to help you turn those dreaded (and often costly) RV repairs into affordable, do-it-yourself projects.

Upgrade Your RV’s Kitchen

You don’t need to be an expert to upgrade your RV’s kitchen. Stop by the appliances section of our online parts store to find an array of RV refrigerators, grills, ranges, cooktops and everything you need to turn your compact RV kitchen into a place where you can prepare family-style meals. We’re also stocked with washer and dryer combinations, vacuums, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners to help make every one of your RV experiences an enjoyable one.

Log onto our PleasureLand RV Center online Surplus Store to start your long-awaited do-it-yourself RV projects today.

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