Planning for Spring Break


If you want to have a ton of fun for spring break but don’t want to be tied down to figuring out what hotel you’ll be near on what day, plan to rent an RV instead. You’ll be able to take your time on a road trip since you won’t be tied down to hotel check in and check out times.

We have several types of RVs and floor plans for you to choose from including Class A, Class C, travel trailers, fold downs and ice houses in our showroom at PleasureLand RV Center.

Class A Models

These models are motorized RVs with a flat front, much like a bus. We have three floor plans available: a 31-footer, 32-footer and a 35-footer. The 31-footer sleeps four people while the other two sleep eight people.

Class C Models

A Class C model is also a motorized RV, but this type is built on a van chassis. We have six different floor plans – with and without slides. We have a 26-footer that sleeps six, a 28-footer that sleeps eight, a 31-footer that sleeps 10, a 23-footer that sleeps six, a 23-foot diesel model that sleeps up to four, and a 26-footer that sleeps eight.

Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is a towable that can be towed without any special equipment other than a strong hitch that is not a bumper hitch. We have several models, including smaller models that could be towed with a lighter SUV or truck. Choose from a 16-footer that sleeps four, a 19-footer that sleeps eight, a 19-footer that sleeps seven, a 24-footer that sleeps six, a 27-footer that sleeps six, a 30-footer that sleeps 10, a 32-footer that sleeps six, a 38-foot destination trailer that sleeps 10, and a 42-foot park trailer that sleeps seven.

Additional Models

And, we have one fold down model and two ice house models. Neither of these models have a bathroom, so you’ll need a porta-potty.

Visit PleasureLand RV Center

Stop by PleasureLand RV Center to check out all of our RV rentals so that you can determine which one is the best for your upcoming spring vacation. Once you choose an RV and put a deposit down, you can start planning your route.

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