Road Trip Activities

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Road trips are filled with the excitement of arriving at your destination, but there’s a lot of time to occupy between leaving home and your arrival. And that’s when a perfectly good road trip can start to go sour. Keep your next RV road trip exciting from start to finish by incorporating these fun road trip activities into your drive.

Get Your Questions Ready

You don’t need fancy hand-held games or DVD players to keep your kids occupied on the road. And cruising in your RV is the perfect time to engage them in educational conversations to pass the time. Keep your little ones entertained by creating a list of roughly 10 questions before you hit the road, such “What is your favorite season, and why?” Let everyone in the family answer the question, and prepare to be amazed at how much your answers vary.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Spotting out-of-the-ordinary animals, signs and other sites along your route can become an entertaining and educational experience. Suggest that every member of your family shouts out, “That’s not something we see every day,” when they spot something they’ve never seen before. If the entire road trip seems like a bit much, try playing the game for 30 minute intervals.

Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo has become such a popular road trip game that free bingo boards are available online. Be sure to print off plenty of copies of the board, because you’ll want to mark off the squares with a pen or pencil to reduce the mess of using real bingo chips. If you have time to laminate the boards before you go, dry erase markers allow you to play game after game without creating too much waste.

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