RV Decorating Ideas

How do you decorate your RV?

How do you go about decorating your RV? When you spend so much time in a smaller space, you should get the inspiration to decorate. Because it is so much different decorating a RV compared to a home or apartment, we found a article that gives you a great place to start!

RV living is very different than living in a stick house or apartment, but you still want your place to feel and look like your home. No one wants to live in a carbon copy of every other RV in the park yet you may be afraid to change things around too much if you are worried about the resale value of your RV. The truth of the matter is however that there are still lots of things you can do, without a radical remodeling job, to add style, ease, and individuality to your RV home.

Furniture is very important and you may want to consider purchasing a beautiful sofa bed in an up-to-date color and style to replace the standard (and often boring) couch that came in your RV.

If your RV is your home then it should make you feel good every time you walk in the door. Color can help with this, as often RV interiors are designed and decorated to appeal to the most people and somehow that often transplants into a bland look that reflects every other RV on the lot.

You might not want a bright green couch but if you do, go for it. Or, if you prefer to keep the couch that came with your RV, at least add some bright and beautiful throw pillows or toss a colorful quilt or throw across the back of your couch.

Curtains can be purchased, or made if you are handy with a sewing machine, that contrast with or that match your furnishings. Personally I can’t stand blinds of any kind, and that would be the first thing to go for me, to be replaced with an attractive set of curtains that I made myself.

Many RV owners pick a “theme” like western, vintage, nautical or country style, but I prefer to have a free hand and don’t like to limit my decorating in that way. However, done right, a theme RV decorating scheme can be very attractive. Just don’t go overboard with it. A subtle touch here and there works much better than cramming every inch of your RV with nautical items for example.

Lighting matters too, so be sure your RV allows for plenty of natural light and ventilation, as well as adequate lighting in the kitchen, and where you read, work at your computer, and other tasks.

An awning outside your RV adds a whole new dimension to your RV, virtually adding a new room to your home. Put a folding table and chairs outside under your awning and you’ll find yourself enjoying your stay in the great outdoors a whole lot more. Plus it encourages outdoor barbecues and eating outside which can be fun too.

Get rid of clutter in your RV. If you haven’t already given away or donated all the things you just don’t need anymore, or have room for in your RV, then do it now. Not only will it give you more room to breathe, your place will just look and feel better without all that excess stuff.

Make sure you have some family photos somewhere in your RV. You can make any place feel more like home when you add your own pictures. Change them around once in awhile, especially when you get wonderful new photos, or perhaps when the seasons change. Posters and lightweight pictures can also brighten up your RV, in addition to your family photos.Make room for your hobbies, you’ll want to occupy your time with things that are fun and interesting for you. Store the supplies in attractive wicker chests or other furniture. If you don’t have a place for the things you enjoy doing, then find one somehow. Either store in cupboards or chests or baskets, whatever looks good and you have room for.

Avoid sharp corners on furniture and cabinets. With the smaller space of an RV, you’d be running into those sharp corners too often for comfort.

There are even RV fireplace heaters with mantels. The best ones look very realistic and aren’t terribly expensive. Perfect for Christmas and the cold weather months.

Whatever you do to decorate your RV make sure it fits your needs and you like it. Don’t just stick with the furnishings that came with your RV, it’s your home now and the fastest way to feel comfortable and at ease is to decorate in your own favorite style, get rid of furniture, curtains, and other things that are not to your taste or, if used, that are too outdated.

How do you decorate your RV! Leave us a comment or come show us at Pleasureland RV!

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