Rent an RV for Your Next Family Vacation

When it comes to planning family vacations, I’ve seldom heard of friends even considering renting an RV and traveling across the country. This really surprises me because I cannot think of a better way to spend quality time with your family than traveling to one or many destinations in your own luxurious suite.

So why else would someone consider renting an RV? How about the fact that you get to travel at your own pace, with your own kitchen and cooking and your own set amount of time spent at each location. Not to mention you can take almost any route on the map and stop where ever you like, planned or unplanned. Sounds pretty enticing to me.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the classic argument for driving a car vs. taking a plane. But I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard the argument for driving an RV vs. taking a plane. check it out.

10 Reasons You Should Drive an RV Instead of Taking a Plane

1. Before you get into your RV, you don’t have to wait in long lines or wait for your seat row to be called for boarding. (Although I’m tempted to try this with the family next time we go camping.)

2. No embarrassing X-ray or pat down. (Tempted to try this, too.)

3. Your luggage always arrives at the same time you do and never costs extra. (Luggage? What’s luggage?)

4. No need to arrive at your RV two hours ahead of departure time – it will wait for you.

5. You can bring as many bottles of water into the RV as you wish.

6. The bathroom in your RV, or the restrooms at roadside rest areas, do not have line-ups in the aisle.

7. The air you breath is “family” — you know how healthy they are. (Granted, this may or may not be a positive.)

8. No need to surrender your favorite knitting needles or other sharp objects.

9. Stiff legs? No need to wait until you arrive — you are 2 feet off the ground and can stop for exercise whenever you want.

10. And there’s no need to rent a car when you arrive – you are already sitting in the vehicle of your choice, with no insurance waivers to sign!


So, have I talked you into it yet? Even if you’re still on the fence, come down and take a look at the different RVs we have available to rent and really get a feel for what the best family vacation you’ll ever take might look like.