Cargo and Utility Trailers

Our Minnesota RV dealership now carries cargo/utility trailers. Now, you can haul your toys or extra gear behind your Class A motorhome ; or you can pack everything in the trailer and “tent it.”

You can choose from several sizes of trailers, both enclosed and open. If you are going to carry a motorcycle or an ATV and do not need extra space to carry equipment or additional luggage, an open trailer is lighter to haul and will do just fine. But, if you want your things protected from the elements and from stones and dirt getting kicked up on the highway, an enclosed trailer is a better choice. Furthermore, the enclosed trailer can also be used to haul things locally – you can use it for many things that wouldn’t fit into a truck bed – or would only fit with more than one trip.

If you are tenting it and the tent leaks because of an unexpected torrential downpour, you can always move everything into the enclosed trailer and still get a good night’s sleep. And, if you are towing it behind an RV, you can protect all of your stuff from the weather. A 12-foot trailer will easily hold a motorcycle or two ATVs plus your patio furniture and hunting or fishing gear – this way, nothing gets wet while it’s raining.

Before you buy a cargo/utility trailer, be sure to check the weight it can carry. You want to be sure it will safely haul your things, especially if you plan on carrying a motorcycle or two in the trailer. For heavier loads, you may want to consider the longer trailer with dual wheels.


14-foot Cargo/Utility Trailer. Photo Credit: Pleasureland RV Center

You must also check how much your vehicle can tow – the weight of the trailer plus everything in it cannot exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. If you have a pickup truck or are planning on towing the utility/cargo trailer behind a new motorhome , you should have plenty of towing capacity for the 14-foot dual-wheel utility/cargo trailer.

When purchasing a trailer, whether open or closed, be sure to purchase the appropriate equipment to tie your toys down. You must tie down vehicles even when in an enclosed trailer. Ratcheting tie downs secure vehicles to the floor or sides of the trailer. Visit us at Pleasureland RV Center to look at our cargo/utility trailers. If you bring the towing limitations of your vehicle and the weight of your “toys,” the sales person will help you determine which cargo/utility trailer will best meet your needs.