Take Your RV Geocaching


Geocaching is one of the most addictive outdoor adventures. This real-life outdoor scavenger hunt is fun for the entire family, and all you need is a GPS-enabled device to give it a try. If you’re ready to start enjoying one of the newest and most exciting outdoor adventures available, this guide to geocaching will help you get started.

What You Need

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt based on GPS coordinates. All you need is a smartphone or other device with GPS capabilities to find your first cache.

What Is a Geocache?

Geocaches aren’t always the same. They vary in size and shape but are typically found in some sort of water-tight container. The size of the geocache will be displayed on the cache page, so you’ll now what to look for when you’re out hunting. Geocaches vary in size from micro (less than 100 mililiters) to large (20 liters or larger).

Each cache contains a logbook and a treasure. Geocachers are expected to take the item inside the cache and replace it with something else before placing the cache back where it was found.

Where Can Geocaches Be Found?

Geocaches are found all over the world, and there’s probably one near you right now. Anyone can hide a geocache, and they’ve been found everywhere from mountain peaks to deep under the sea. You can hide your own geocache by following the Geocache Listing Guidelines and submitting your cache for review.

Locating a Cache

Locate your first geocache today by logging onto the Geocaching.com website and choosing a cache near you. Type the coordinates of the cache into your GPS, then follow your GPS to the cache’s location. Your GPS device may not lead you directly to your find, so be sure to search if the cache isn’t in plain sight. Again, remember to put the cache back in the same location before leaving.

Don’t forget to stop in and see us at PleasureLand RV Center when you’re out locating treasures on your RV travels.

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