RV Recipes at 100

As the 100 year anniversary of the RV is upon us, its time to look back on all the aspects of RV life that have allowed for the continuing success of the recreational vehicle. In commemoration of this milestone, a Texas author named Evada Cooper has put together a collection of 100 recipes from all over that encompass the life inside an RV. Evada and her husband, Terry, run an online RV academy called MobileRVacademy.com that offers a variety of web seminars and instructional DVDs. Along with the recipes, the book also includes many tips and stories from their vast knowledge of RVs. They set out to make a book that men and women could both use in the RV or at a campground.

She started soliciting recipes from the RV community this spring for inclusion in the cookbook. Whether they are old-time family favorites or non-traditional camping fare, she said she wanted any fun recipe that RVers would like to share.

In addition to recipes, RVers were asked to submit brief bios extolling their love of RVs and roaming the nation. She targeted the members of national RV clubs and organizations, the people who would most appreciate a centennial celebration of the lifestyle.

So along with all of the recipes she gathered there is a wealth of information to be had by all. RVing is a culture within itself and deserves to be celebrated on this historic occasion. But with the help of Mrs. Cooper, the stories she tells should allow for future RV users to not only cook wonderful, RV-friendly meals, but be able to get a feel of this wonderful pastimes history.

Do you have any RV recipes you would have submitted had the author asked? Share them with your friends at RVing With Pleasure! Leave them below in the comment section.

[Source: RV Business]


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