Winter Fun for RVers with Dogs

As anyone who RVs with their dogs can tell you, sometimes your next destination isn’t about you. Your dogs deserve something they’ll enjoy on occasion, so when you’re out in your RV this winter with your beloved pets, consider taking them to one of these fun destinations. You’ll probably have (almost) as much fun as they will. Whether you want something outdoor or indoor, there’s a destination for you!


Minneapolis is a great place to visit if you’ve got pups in tow. Enjoy the numerous hiking trails and dog parks that the city offers. Some of the dog parks even offer heated shelters for some indoor play. There are even a handful of places that are part time indoor dogs parks, usually on the weekends. Minneapolis is also relatively pet friendly when it comes to public spaces and shops.


Whether it’s your destination or you’re just passing through along your route somewhere else, Mankato is worth a stop if you’ve got a dog or two with you. They’ve got an indoor swimming pool that’s absolutely dog friendly. You can get out of the cold, give your dog some off leash time, and allow them to exercise in a way that’s good for their joints since swimming is low impact. The pool is called The Paw and the water is kept at a toasty 85 degrees. If your dog isn’t a great swimmer, there are life jackets available for use. Additionally, there are time slots available for private swims if your dog doesn’t like company.


While your dog may not be a champion dog sled racer, they can certainly spectate alongside you when you visit Duluth. The annual dog sledding marathon, called Beargrease, takes place over 400 miles of tundra with some of the best teams in the world competing. There are various spots along the course where you can watch the action.

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