2013 Keystone Springdale

Keystone RV’s have been around since 1996 and the company is well known for its quality and innovation. You get more bang for your buck with Keystone because they use brand name appliances and top quality materials, but still offer vehicles at a reasonable price. When the fastest growing RV company in the United States rolls out the new model for this year, you’d better believe that serious RV’ers take notice. Well, it’s time to come to Pleasureland RV Center and start noticing, because the 2013 Keystone Springdale is here!

2013 Keystone Springdale

There are dozens of floor plans to choose from with the Keystone Springdale, so no one could blame you for spending little extra time shopping around at the best RV dealership Minnesota has to offer. These RV’s include a variety of options, such as queen size beds, full size beds, sofa beds, dinettes and showers, among other things. There is a good selection of other nice features too, such as an E-Z open entry step, a tub surround, air conditioning, tinted safety glass and a choice of cordovan, morel or redwood interior.

2013 Keystone Springdale Interior

For safety and a smooth ride, the Springdale has manual stabilizer jacks, a spread axle, radial tires and a powder-coated I beam frame. To keep you entertained, you can get an LCD television and a deluxe entertainment system. If you want your RV “blinged out”, you can get an electric awning, exterior shower and grill and aluminum rims. And for the long haul, these vehicles can carry up to 50 gallons of fresh water and hold 30 gallons of waste water or more.

If you’re ready to start your RV adventure, you might go and look over the variety of new and used motorhomes we have available for sale. This versatile, luxurious and comfortable RV provides you everything you need for the ultimate road trip all at an affordable price. Kind of makes you want to hit the road, doesn’t’ it?

Boundary Waters By Crossroads

If you are looking for RV motorhomes in Minnesota, stop in to one of our four locations and take a look at one of our exclusives, Boundary Waters by Crossroads. The Boundary Waters by Crossroads is available in six different floor plans! You can choose from a full rear living area or bunk-house RVs.

The three floor plans that have slide outs features wood slide-out fascia. All six models feature designer valances with curtains and mini blinds for privacy. If you have a larger family or want to bring friends on a camping trip, the sofa converts into a bed.

The galley features everything you need to create all your favorite meals, including a 6 cubic-foot refrigerator, a three-burner stove, oven, microwave and a range hood with light and exhaust fan.

For entertainment, enjoy the AM/FM/CD player or hook a television up to the antenna or cable television hookup. You can even listen to music outside via the two marine-grade exterior speakers.

The bathroom features a foot flush parchment toilet, a large sink and a spacious one-piece tub and shower with a curved shower track. The curved shower track keeps the shower curtain from sticking to you while taking a shower. All six floor plans also feature a power vent over the tub.

The 40-gallon fresh water tank and the 6-gallon hot water heater provide plenty of water for showers and washing dishes if you are dry camping. The water heater features a bypass to make winterizing the RV easier if you’re not using it in colder weather.

The Convenience Package comes standard on the Boundary Waters, and includes a smoke detector, L.P. gas detector, awning to protect you from the elements, and four stabilizer jacks to help make set up easier.



The molded rain gutters keeps rain from pouring down on you when you open the door if you don’t have the awning opened. Furthermore, the bumper is hollow and is fitted with end caps so you can store the sewage hose outside. You’ll also enjoy plenty of storage inside and outside for patio furniture, hunting gear and extra luggage.

You can also add several options, including a skylight over the tub, an outside shower, an Arctic package for winter camping and an enclosed underbelly to help keep the warmth in during cooler months.

Stop by PleasureLand RV today to walk through the Boundary Waters or any of our other RVs.

Minnesota RV Safety: Propane

Getting ready for a big roadtrip in your motorhome can be full of excitement and fun. In the midst of the packing frenzy, you must remember more than just the toothpaste and towels. Having propane is essential for your new Minnesota RV on the road. It’s also important to have the propane system checked out at least once a year. So whether you’ve had the RV in storage or you call it home, here are a few tips on being prepared when it comes to propane inside of your vehicle.

Why use propane?

Propane has many benefits. As far as fuels go, it is considered to be clean. It’s liquid petroleum gas and there is a lot of it! Its low price and wide availability make it an easy option for everything from cooking to hot baths. Because it’s so easily transportable, motorhomes can use it for many things. While it’s usually quite safe, there are important factors to consider when using it.


The most important item that every RV should have is a propane detector. They can be bought at any home improvement store and can be assembled without expertise. Having difficulty with set up? Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If something were to go wrong it could save lives. Be prepared to immediately vacate the premises should the alarm go off. In an emergency, aside from calling 911, turn off the propane valve if possible.


There are a few tests that a technician can do for the whole system to ensure proper working order. The first is an operating pressure test, which is used to determine pressure amounts to the regulator during use. Too much on either side of the normal range could create problems. Another good test is the timed drop pressure test. Doing this test will show if there are any leaks which no system should have. Once the leak is pinpointed, you will be good to go! The last is referred to as a lock up test that ensures the regulator is completely shutting. This test avoids pressure contamination which could cause an explosion.

These are great ways to protect your family and your Pleasureland RV . Taking these extra steps will remove any unknowns from the safety of your trip. You will rest easier knowing your propane system is good to go.

Have you had your system tested this year? Feel free to share your propane tips with us in the comments below!


Thanks to Gary Motley for contributing

Exploring The Features Of The 2012 Winnebago Access

Photo Courtesy Of Winnebago Motor Homes

Picking the perfect recreational vehicle Minneapolis Minnesota is a tricky process. Consider your lifestyle and your habits when shopping for a new RV or motor coach. Large television screens may be the most important feature to one family, but you could find extra sleeping space or a large shower much more meaningful to your unique style of camping. The 2012 Winnebago Access has something for everyone. It also has a few extras that will appeal to full-time RVers that want to stay in their Class C coach year round.

A Sleek Interior

The beautiful interior of this motor home begins with durable, stone-patterned vinyl flooring. A variety of tan and beige tones are used in the upholstery and paneling for a light and tasteful style. Two 19 inch LCD television screens are mounted into the wall board, with one in the front of the layout and the other in the rear. Your kids can watch Saturday morning cartoons while you and your spouse relax with a nice movie.

Cooking In Style

The Winnebago Access has plenty of kitchen space for preparing your own meals. This is especially important if you live full-time in your motor home. Some of the other models available at your local RV dealership Minneapolis are too cramped for daily cooking, causing you to spend a lot more on dining out. This model comes equipped with a 3 burner range top, a sizable oven and a built-in microwave. The refrigerator is spacious enough for three or four days worth of food.

Two Kinds Of Backup Support

Other features of the Access make it ideal for full-timers that like to find National Forest camp sites for a taste of the wilderness. The powerful gas generator will help you use all of the amenities when you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest power line. It also helps if inclement weather causes an electrical hookup to fail when camping at a RV park. The other form of backup support comes from the rear view camera system. You can back into a parking space or maneuver in close quarters without needing a partner on the ground to guide you.

Comfortable Winter Camping

Many fans of winter sports, such as skiing or ice fishing, assume that they can’t take an RV out to resorts for these activities. The Winnebago Access has support systems that allow it to be used during cold weather. The heated drainage system won’t allow your pipes to freeze or crack during storage, but they also keep the water flowing during a December camping trip as well. All of the exterior mirrors also feature defrosting.

Take A Closer Look at This Model: 2012 Dutchmen Classic

Here at PleasureLand RV Center, we have a lot full of great recreational vehicles at even better prices. If you don’t want to go with new, you can also find several used RVs at here at Pleasureland RV.

The 2012 Dutchmen Classic is a well-made 34-foot travel trailer with two slides. It sleeps up to six people. The private master bedroom features a queen bed. The oversized dinette and the sofa both fold down into beds. This Dutchmen Classic has two outside doors.

The main door is in the living area, but it also has a door in the master bedroom. That way, if family or friends are still sleeping, those in the master bedroom can go outside without disturbing others. The queen bed also has a slider so that the bedroom has enough space to move about.

The bathroom is separate, too, so the toilet has its own room. The shower and sink are across the hall, so that the toilet is private. Moving forward, the sofa bed and the U-shaped, oversize dinette are in a slide, so if everyone has to be inside the RV at the same time, there is plenty of room to walk around without tripping over anyone.

The living area has overhead cabinets for storage — whether you choose to store clothing, games or other things you need on your vacation. The overhead cabinets are over the sofa and the dinette.

True to Dutchmen’s style, the kitchen is a full front kitchen, which gives you plenty of room to cook your family’s favorites. To the left is a double door pantry, which is large enough to store dry goods for a couple of weeks. Plus, the kitchen has overhead cabinets for plates, pots, pans and other kitchen accessories.

The double sink and the three-burner stove make cooking inside easy and comfortable. Because the kitchen is a full front kitchen, you have plenty of space to move around, and you have plenty of counter space to put a complicated meal together.

Tote Your Outdoor Toys Around in a New Toy Hauler

Do you love outdoor toys like ATVs? Then you should really consider upgrading to a toy hauler RV! ATVs are a great addition to any camping trip, but they can be a bit of pain to tow behind your vehicle or current RV. A toy hauler, on the other hand, gives you everything you could possibly want in an RV along with a place to store your ATVs.

Pleasureland RV offers two types of toy haulers: a fifth wheel toy hauler and a travel trailer toy hauler . My personal favorite right now is the 2013 Dutchmen Voltage ! This beauty has it all – the full luxuries of a travel trailer with ample garage space to store your outdoor toys.

Click on the image for more information.

The 2013 Dutchmen Voltage is 42 feet long and comes with three slides. Voltage toy haulers offer a flexibility simply not available on any other recreational vehicle. Living areas are laid out for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Kitchens are a pleasure to prepare meals in. Bedrooms offer incredible relaxation and serenity. Click on the images above for more info or swing by one of Pleasureland RV’s four locations to check one out for yourself!


What to Look for in the Bathroom of Your Next New or Used Minnesota RV

2013 FIFTH WHEEL Winnebago Lite Five

So it’s time to start shopping for that new or pre-owned RV before the season gets full under way. Looks like you’ve got quite a few decisions to make in the near future!

When it comes to RV shopping, most people think of “the big picture”. What class RV, what manufacturer, what size, etc. There are, however, some other features you should take into consideration when deciding on the right Minnesota RV for you.

My favorite example is the bathroom. If you are planning on spending a lot of time on the road or becoming a full-timer, the bathroom features should be high on your list of things to check out in each of the RVs you are considering. Here are some general tips you should keep in mind while RV shopping that will ensure you are happy with your bathroom.

  1. The shower stall needs to be 36 inches wide to give you room to turn around comfortably.
  2. The shower head needs to be mounted high enough so the spray is at least hitting you in the face, but not too high that it sprays over the shower door/curtain. If it’s too low, you’ll have to duck down just to get your head under the water.
  3. A shower door is much better than a shower curtain. You’ll always end up with water on the floor with a shower curtain. And since RVs have small showers anyway, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make a mess of the room if you have a shower curtain.
  4. A 10-gallon water heater will allow you to run the water continually. A 6-gallon will require you to wet down, shut the water off off, soap up, then turn the water back on to rinse off. Believe me, if you’re living in your RV, the 10-gallon water heater is the way to go!
  5. If you live in the Great White North, moving your RV trailer in the winter when the temperatures are below freezing isn’t a good idea. Cold plastic showers become brittle at those temperatures, and they will most likely crack. I found out the hard way and had to replace the shower walls on my 37-foot fifth wheel trailer.

The next time you’re at the Pleasureland Minnesota RV dealership , be sure to check out the bathroom. Go ahead and climb on in the shower, sit on the toilet (may want to leave the cover on for this one) and get a feel for how much room you’ll have. After all, this is going to be your bathroom every time you’re on the road, so make sure it suits you.


[Source: TheFunTimesGuide.com]

RV Evolution: From the Adams Motor Bungalo to the Itasca Ellipse


Adams Motor Bungalo 1917

It’s hard to believe that RVs have been around for more than a century. Technically, the first RV dates back to the days of covered wagons. However, most people consider the 1910 Touring Landau as the first RV. But in my opinion, it was seven years later when the first real RV — The Adams Motor Bungalo (see below)— came to be.

Regardless of which came first, modern RVs were born in the 1910′s and 20′s, in an era all about new inventions and mechanisms that made life simpler. Check out this great montage of the early RVs.

Hard to believe we’ve gone from the Adams Motor Bungalo to something as magnificent as the 2012 Itasca Ellipse that includes the following features:


Click the image to view more pictures of the Ellipse.

  • Exterior Entertainment Center w/TV & DVD
  • Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Power Cord Reel
  • Microwave/Speedcook Oven
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Ultraleather Lounge Chair
  • Infotaiment Center/GPS
  • Residential Refrigerator Package
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Drawer Style Dishwasher
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Compartment Tray Slideout
  • Home Theater System w/Blu-Ray
  • Ultraleather Rest Easy Sectional
  • In-Motion Satellite System
  • Water Supply Hose w/Reel
  • Satellite Radio

She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Come check her out in person at the Pleasureland RV Minnesota dealership and get a first hand feel of just how far we’ve come since the 1900s.

Choosing Between a Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel in Minnesota

If you’re thinking about joining the vast and wonderful world of RVs by buying a new or used RV in Minnesota , the first thing you’ll have to do is decide is what class is best for you.

The first decision is fairly easy in my opinion. Motorized or towable? Are you wanting to use your RV as a vehicle and a home? Or are you leaning more toward towing an RV with a car or truck?

If you’ve decided that a towable RV is the choice for you, then let’s go ahead and break it down into a few more choices. The most common towable RVs are travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Travel Trailers

2012 Dutchmen Denali Minnesota

2012 Dutchmen Denali

The travel trailer is going to be your most common and usually least expensive RV. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and can be towed behind any vehicle with enough power and torque.

Advantage #1 – Almost any tow vehicle will do.

Depending on the size, travel trailers can be pulled by a sedan, pick-up or even a minivan. Most people use their tow vehicle on a regular basis, so having this advantage is a big plus.

Advantage #2 – Better fuel economy.

Because a travel trailer has a lower profile than a 5th wheel, you’re going to average two to three miles per gallon better fuel economy. Don’t forget to factor in the savings you’ll get by having a smaller vehicle for every day use as well.

Advantage #3 – Lower Cost.

On average, a travel trailer will cost about $10,000 less than a 5th wheel of equal size.


Fifth Wheels

2012 Keystone Alpine Minnesota

2012 Keystone Alpine 3200RL

Fifth wheels are strictly pulled by pickup trucks and get their name from the distinguishing gooseneck hitch. This gives them better stability and a better center of gravity. On the whole, fifth wheels are very spacious and usually have at least one slide-out space. Of the two, fifth wheels are considered to be the more luxurious.

Advantage #1 – Stability.

The fifth wheel has a good reputation for stability. Often times, you’ll hear people complain about the sway when towing a travel trailer. Fifth wheels eliminate this problem and are known for being easy to tow.

Advantage #2 – Luxury.

Though they are more expensive than a travel trailer, the amenities you’ll find in a fifth wheel make it all worth it in my opinion.

Regardless of which towable RV you choose, you’re bound to love it. If this is your first time buying a new or used RV, you can always come down to one of Pleasureland RV’s four locations and look around. While you’re there, ask questions! We’re more than happy to help find the perfect RV to fit all of your needs.

Why You Need to Know the Height and Weight of Your Minnesota Motor Home, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

When it comes to owning an RV , there are certain measurements, numbers, weights, etc. that you need to know and keep track of. The second you drive that new RV off the lot at your Minnesota RV dealership, you should immediately make a note of two things: the height and weight of your RV.

Earlier this year, we talked about the importance of knowing your RV clearance level. In case you’re new to this blog, I’ll briefly revisit the subject. When driving a normal passenger car, we often take for granted the clearance signs that you see in overpasses and drive-thru restaurants. This is normal because unless you’re driving a lifted pickup truck, odds are your car will clear practically anything. But this is not the case with your new motor home , travel trailer or fifth wheel . Here’s the best example of what can happen if you aren’t aware of your RV’s clearance level.

In order to prevent this from happening to you, you’ll need to physically measure the height of your RV. You cannot rely on the what it says in the owner’s manual because accessories are not factored in. The only way to be sure, is to measure from the ground up to the tallest point of your RV. I recommend making three measurements: the front, middle and rear.

Now that we know our clearance level, let’s move on to our RV’s weight. Weight can affect everything from your tires and axles to how it handles while driving. The number you’re looking for here is the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). This number tells you the maximum amount of weight that your RV is designed to carry including full tanks and passengers. If you are driving an RV that is over its weight, then you are putting yourself at risk of dangers that can occur while on the road including part failure.

Believe it or not, even the smallest things we keep in our RV, such as picture frames and books, add up. So it’s always best to monitor your weight using a professional truck scale. You can find these scales at truck stops or mechanic shops and they can give you an accurate reading of what your RV weighs. Be sure to have your RV filled to the max (fuel, water holding tanks, etc.) when you weigh it.

With owning an RV, comes responsibility. It doesn’t have to be difficult, which is why I recommend taking note of these two things the second you drive off the Minnesota RV dealership lot. Trust me, you’ll be saving yourself and your RV from unnecessary trouble down the road. If you ever need any help with measuring or weighing your RV, you can always swing by one of Pleasureland’s four locations in Ramsey, St.Cloud, Willmar or Brainerd.