2014 Class C Motorhome Thor Siesta

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The 2014 Class C Motorhome Thor Siesta has arrived. This motor home features all the amenities that you and your family need to have a comfortable life in your home on the road.

With a full bathroom, kitchen and plenty of sleeping room your and your family won’t feel cramped or crowded in you home away from home. A full bathroom complete with shower, toilet and sink, means that everyone can do there daily bathing in private. No more gross, disgusting camp bathrooms. No more washing your hair over the sink. No quick bathing at the lake or stream.

The full kitchen, which includes a solid tops stove, microwave, sink and cabinet space means you and your family can enjoy high quality home cooked meals in your own kitchen. You don’t have to waste money on roadside diners or have quick unhealthy meals at fast food joints. The quality of your meals and your time will improve on your vacation when your family has the opportunity to sit down to a healthy, home cooked meal. And with out all the distractions of work, school, and extra curricular activities, you will have the opportunity to really enjoy it.

Theres plenty of seating and sleeping space for everyone. There is a queen size bed in the back, which is comfortable and relaxing for those long trips away from home. There is even an extra loft space for extra guests. The couch in the living room area, provides comfortable seating during the day, and can double as extra sleeping space at night.

There’s plenty of other amenities in this state of the art RV as well, including an LCD tv in the bedroom for all your entertainment needs. There’s also an attic fan to keep you cool and comfortable on those hot, sweaty summer days.

If you are looking for a new RV for your next road trip, the 2014 Class C Motorhome Thor Siesta from Pleasureland RV is just the one for you.

A Look at the 2014 Keystone Avalanche Fifth Wheel

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The “RVer” lifestyle really doesn’t apply strictly to RV owners. There are plenty of RVers who drive a truck with a trailer attached, and a fifth wheel trailer can be just as great as any other option on the market, especially when it’s the 2014 Keystone Avalanche.

This new model will make you rethink the notion of how much luxury should cost. Though technically a regular old consumer grade model at just under $70,000, new, once you take a walk around inside the new Avalanche, you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost twice that.

The authentic leather furniture package alone sets the interior apart from many RVs and trailers, but it’s really just the start. The cherry cabinet doors certainly make an impression, as well, and the free standing counter top wouldn’t be out of place in a million dollar New York penthouse apartment.

Of course how a trailer looks on the inside doesn’t matter so much if it doesn’t also feature everything that you could possibly need from a home on wheels. Beyond the stunning array of furniture and design, you also get a dual air conditioner package, a forty inch LED TV, which is nicer than many of us have in our houses, and a fireplace, if you can believe that.

At 37 feet, the trailer is roomy enough for any individual or couple, even with a dog or a cat, and with the hideaway bed in the sofa, big enough for a guest or two, as well.

The 2014 Avalanche really defies a lot of preconceived notions about the RV and trailer market. It’s surprising to find such a luxurious trailer at a mid-range price, and it’s a fifth wheel that can stand up to any motorhome on the market. Even the LED lighting system offers a touch of class to the trailer.

If you’re set on driving an RV, and not a trailer, then the Avalanche might change your mind. Roomy with a lush interior, the Avalanche offers a luxury lifestyle on the road. And be sure to come by PleasureLand RV Center for all your RV needs.

2013 Dutchmen Voltage

At Pleasureland RV, we love showing you the best RVs for your vacations. Now, we are happy to tell you more about this Minnesota fifth wheel toy hauler, the 2013 Dutchmen Voltage.

This RV is new in stock, and it is manufactured by Dutchmen. The Voltage 3800 has a slate interior, and the outside has a unique design that you’re going to love showing off. It comes with the Voltage Luxury Interior Package, the exterior package, the garage package, and the epic package. The tires are filled with nitrogen to keep them pumped up for the long haul, too, so you won’t have to worry about flats.

The 12 cubic foot four-door refrigerator provides plenty of room for your food, and the oven allows you to cook meals like you would in any apartment or home. A 12-volt tank heater provides warm water, and it has interior switches for convenience. There are three air conditioners, including a third in the bedroom. For your convenience, it has a thermostat sensor and load management, so it will keep you cool while you sleep and travel.

There is a pull-down garage door screen, and the electric bed and roll-over sofa system give you extra options for sleeping comfortably. With the large seating areas and plenty of room to shower, wash your hands, and hang out with friends in the living space, this is the perfect RV for avid travelers who love to explore the world in comfort.

The stylish RV is comfortable, calming, and perfect for you when you want to live in luxury on the road. For more information on this new fifth wheel , give us a call or stop by. We love helping answer your questions about RVs, and we would love to be part of your RV experience.

Getting Your Kicks on Route 66

Route 66 isn’t what it used to be. In the heyday of the American highway, it was a tradition to take your family along the famous Route 66, stopping for burgers, taking in a movie, staying in a low cost motel, taking photos at the famous landmarks. In fact, the iconic road trip as seen in a lot of American films still uses Route 66 iconography as the travelers pass by picturesque desert landscapes in the Southwest and send those postcards with the big “Welcome, from Albuquerque!” text.

Although Route 66 isn’t as lively as it once was, it’s still worth traveling for the lifelong Minnesota RV er who wants to take in an important part of American road culture, and while you’re making the journey, you’ll want to make a stop in Gallup, New Mexico.

Gallup was one of the thriving capitals of the Route 66 empire, and a drive through the city shows you a wide variety of beautiful sites. The facades of old movie theaters and restaurants and cafes all have a certain ghost-town charm to them, a bittersweet nostalgic feel, as if you can sense the presence of thousands of fellow travelers who’ve been here before.

Gallup is also the home of the world’s most popular Wal-Mart, as it serves as a shopping center for people from more than a hundred miles away in towns like Bluewater and Thoreau where it’s hard to find a big grocery store. This is useful for any RVer who needs to restock on the essentials or take a day to relax in the parking lot.

Gallup also puts you a stone’s throw away from Albuquerque and Santa Fe if you want to enjoy the whole New Mexico experience, and the state is full of great RV parks and camping sites. The real joy of New Mexico, however, is simply driving through the tremendous landscapes. A few hours on the road in N.M. and you’ll feel what it truly means to be an American nomad.

Simple Tips For Organizing Every Part Of Your RV

Staying organized in your Minnesota RV requires just a few pieces of specialized equipment. You don’t have to invest in expensive custom storage solutions when you tackle each part of the RV with an organizing plan.

Kitchen and Living Area

  • Use your microwave and oven as extra cabinets when you’re moving. Boxes of cereal or airtight containers full of rice can easily slip into these appliances when they’re not in use.
  • Invest in a big roll of non-stick shelf liners. These liners will keep dishes from slipping out when you’re driving, but they can also be used between plates and bowls to keep a stack from tipping over.
  • Invest in multi-purpose appliances to save space.
  • Hanging wire baskets or suspended shelves under the upper cabinets to hold cookbooks or other relatively flat items.

Bedroom and Bathroom

  • Use the walls of the bathroom and shower stall to expand storage for hair care products and other small items. A plastic shoe hanger with suction cups can hold half a dozen different shampoos and conditioners without cluttering up shelves and countertops.
  • Expand your closet with extra rods or collapsing clothes hangers that allow you to store six or seven items in the space of one. Store any clothing you don’t use at least once a week in a sealed bag in your exterior storage area.
  • Stick with collapsible laundry baskets and hampers. They fold up into a tiny, flat disc when you don’t need them.
  • Cut down on personal items that aren’t useful. If you’re only on a short trip, leave extra blankets or your curling iron at home and focus on your vacation instead. Full-time RV residents can open a small storage unit near their favorite home base to keep heirlooms and other items they can’t carry with them.

Exterior Storage

  • Pack blankets, clothing, and other soft items into large plastic bags and suck out the air with a simple vacuum tool to save space while protecting the items from dirt and insects. Pillows and other puffy items can shrink tremendously when vacuum packed.
  • Divide the storage area into sections with spring-loaded dividers if it’s simply one large compartment. You need to keep your tools for repairing the RV separate from clothing and gifts for your family, unless you want grease and dirt on them.

Many of our models at our Minnesota RV dealership feature extra built-in storage options. Come tour our best models to find one that fits the needs of you and your family when on the road.

Consider The Spacious 2013 Keystone Laredo Fifth Wheel

A huge and luxurious Class A motorhome may be enticing, but a single traveler or couple camping without children may find a fifth wheel a more reasonable choice. Save money while enjoying all of the best features by picking a model like the Keystone Laredo Fifth Wheel . This trailer saves space, allowing you to fit into smaller camp sites and parking spaces, without leaving you feeling cramped. At 30 feet long with two slide out sections, this fifth wheel has enough space for everyone to relax after a full day of hiking or boating.

Fifth Wheel Minnesota

Proper Layout

When you want the maximum amenities in a small package, you need to look for a fifth wheel with an optimal layout. The Laredo has a large and open design for the main room. Space saving features like swiveling captain’s chairs and flip up counter extensions. The sofa sleeper next to the dinette folds to three different configurations for comfortable sitting and sleeping. A stovetop, double sink, and even a pantry are worked into the kitchen area.

Easy Cleaning

The corner shower makes it easy to rinse off after your favorite outdoor activities. If you accidentally track in some leaves or dirt, use the built in central vacuum system to quickly restore the cleanliness of your floors. Even the roof vent is designed for blowing away odors from cooking.

Details That Remind You Of Home

Many of the decorative accents in the interior are designed to make the space feel cozy and just like home. The queen sized bed gives everyone plenty of room to stretch out, while the ducted air conditioner keeps the entire trailer evenly cool on long summer trips. The spacious 8 cubic feet refrigerator holds enough food for two to three days, cutting down on grocery trips and restaurant meals if you enjoy cooking. Sit around the freestanding, table style dinette and extend the leaf if you’re hosting guests from the next campsite over.

Exterior Beauty

Everyone at the campground will envy your sleek fifth wheel when you pull in. Large bus style luggage doors allow you to store plenty of luggage without cluttering up your living space. A special Equa-Flex suspension system provides a smooth ride as you head down the road, while the tinted windows and automatic awnings keep you cool by blocking the heat of the sun.

If you’re interested in the 2013 Keystone Laredo Fifth Wheel , arrange for a visit to your local RV dealership in Minnesota . It’s best to walk around the spacious living room and sit on the comfortable bed to really appreciate the features that make this recreational vehicle a good choice for couples and small families.

The Advantages Of A Travel Trailer

The RV lifestyle is romantic for a number of reasons, and when we think of life on the road, we think of the platonic RV, perhaps white and tan with silver trim, a bedroom in the very back and a homey feel to the living room, and of course, the guest bed over the cab. There are some who ride with travel trailers hitched to cars or trucks, but when we imagine the RV lifestyle, we think of a motorhome.

Minnesota Travel Trailer

A travel trailer may be worth considering, though, if you’re looking for a new vehicle to hit the road with. Here are a few of the things that a travel trailer can do that a motorhome cannot:

1. Detachability

One of the trickiest things about the RV lifestyle is that it’s a major gas expense just to drive from the RV park into town for a few groceries. By hitching your trailer to a truck or a car, you can detach and drive wherever you need to go without the hassle of disconnecting from your hookup or spending the gas to drive your whole house into town to pick up a few steaks.

2. Cost

It varies, of course, and there are cheap motorhomes and expensive trailers, but if you’re buying your first travel-home, a trailer might wind up costing you less at the local Minnesota RV dealership than a motorhome.

3. Hooks to Any Compatible Vehicle

A problem with a standard RV is that when the engine is totally shot, you might be stuck somewhere for a long time. When you can simply scrap your junky old truck and attach a new one to your trailer, this is less of a concern, and you don’t have to trade in your whole home along with the vehicle that pulls it.

The motorhome is the platonic ideal for the traveler’s lifestyle, but the travel trailer has its advantages, as well. Consider the purchase carefully before you go with one or the other.

RV Road Trip: Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes

If you’re looking for some great locations to take your new motorhome , you may want to consider Black Hills Badlands and Lakes. A quintessential American landscape, Black Hills area is noted for its beautiful spires climbing impossibly high into the sky, and its gorgeous gorges, setting the mood of an old western and bringing you back to the days before any white person set foot on South Dakotan land.

The area is loaded with incredible sights, including waterfalls and wildlife. Home to six national parks and historical areas like Deadwood and Wounded Knee, Badlands National Park houses the immense memorial-in-progress for Crazy Horse.

The lakes here are wonderful whether you like to boat, fish, or just park by the water and have a few drinks while watching the sun set over the trees. You’ll want to bring your camera, as there will be plenty of things you’re going to want to see again and again.

The nature trails here are enough to keep you busy for years on end if you ever want to take a serious trek. If not, there are plenty of short trails that will take you along some beautiful scenery for your lunch break.

Whether you’re an American history buff, a lover of nature, or just an RVer looking for an inexpensive way to spend the summer, the Black Hills area is perhaps the best you’re going to find in South Dakota when it comes to combining fresh air, mountain living and old western appeal. A drive through the area puts you back in the days of the original settlers, the Native Americans and the pilgrims who explored the country from coast to coast.

We haven’t invented time travel just yet, but a little time spent in Black Hills is the next best thing. Check out the Badlands and the various lakes and see for yourself if Black Hills isn’t one of the most beautifully preserved areas in the country.

Cargo and Utility Trailers

Our Minnesota RV dealership now carries cargo/utility trailers. Now, you can haul your toys or extra gear behind your Class A motorhome ; or you can pack everything in the trailer and “tent it.”

You can choose from several sizes of trailers, both enclosed and open. If you are going to carry a motorcycle or an ATV and do not need extra space to carry equipment or additional luggage, an open trailer is lighter to haul and will do just fine. But, if you want your things protected from the elements and from stones and dirt getting kicked up on the highway, an enclosed trailer is a better choice. Furthermore, the enclosed trailer can also be used to haul things locally – you can use it for many things that wouldn’t fit into a truck bed – or would only fit with more than one trip.

If you are tenting it and the tent leaks because of an unexpected torrential downpour, you can always move everything into the enclosed trailer and still get a good night’s sleep. And, if you are towing it behind an RV, you can protect all of your stuff from the weather. A 12-foot trailer will easily hold a motorcycle or two ATVs plus your patio furniture and hunting or fishing gear – this way, nothing gets wet while it’s raining.

Before you buy a cargo/utility trailer, be sure to check the weight it can carry. You want to be sure it will safely haul your things, especially if you plan on carrying a motorcycle or two in the trailer. For heavier loads, you may want to consider the longer trailer with dual wheels.


14-foot Cargo/Utility Trailer. Photo Credit: Pleasureland RV Center

You must also check how much your vehicle can tow – the weight of the trailer plus everything in it cannot exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. If you have a pickup truck or are planning on towing the utility/cargo trailer behind a new motorhome , you should have plenty of towing capacity for the 14-foot dual-wheel utility/cargo trailer.

When purchasing a trailer, whether open or closed, be sure to purchase the appropriate equipment to tie your toys down. You must tie down vehicles even when in an enclosed trailer. Ratcheting tie downs secure vehicles to the floor or sides of the trailer. Visit us at Pleasureland RV Center to look at our cargo/utility trailers. If you bring the towing limitations of your vehicle and the weight of your “toys,” the sales person will help you determine which cargo/utility trailer will best meet your needs.

Staying In Shape On Your Minnesota RV Travels

Staying in shape can be a challenge on any given day; staying on track with a fitness plan while traveling in your new or used Minnesota motorhome can sometimes seem next to impossible. But with a little determination, you can work out (with no need for fancy equipment) and keep fit for those fun, outdoor activities.

Here are four ideas:

1) Plan a few challenging hikes along your trip route that offer a break from the road and get your blood flowing.

2) Choose a variety of workout DVDs ranging from aerobics to yoga, and leave your favorites in the RV. Pop one into the DVD player and you’re set.

3) Load a workout app on your phone (like Nike Training Club or P90X).

4) Or create your own workout using any combination of these moves, whether inside the RV or outside by the picnic table: 100 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 20 tricep dips, 15 squats, 20 lunges, 70 Russian twists, 20 calf raises, 5 push ups, 30 second plank, and 10 lunge split jumps. How many sets can you do?

There are plenty of excellent workout monitors out there, like Bodybugg, or apps for your phone to track your progress and keep you on the right path. Once you get in the habit of logging your food, caloric intake and output and exercise, you can really begin to see how your daily progress affects your goals, and those RV travel days won’t slow you down!

If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to take your fitness to the next level, check out Minnesota’s upcoming race schedules and sign up for one that sounds like a good fit. You might be supporting a philanthropic cause or just joining up with some other fun folks to get sweaty! If you need a kick-start, find a local training group or running buddy to keep you motivated.

Try these race schedule websites for a complete list of what’s happening near you:

How about White Bear Winter Frolic 5K or the 100% Irish for a Day 5K & 10 Mile in Minneapolis? For whatever your fitness, lifestyle or goal, you can find something to get your heart pumping!