Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch with green leaves on cloudy fall day

Spending the day at a pumpkin patch is a fall tradition, especially here in Minnesota. Whether you intend to use your pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns, bake them into delicious pies, or just as decoration, your day out at the pumpkin patch is sure to be a hit with your family.

There are nearly 200 pumpkin patches to choose from in Minnesota, many of which offers rides, petting zoos, and other fun diversions that everyone will love.

Here are some of the best pumpkin patches in the state:

Peter’s Pumpkins & Carmen’s Corn

12860 Old Brick Yard Road, Sharkopee, MN 55379

(952) 906-0247

This patch caters to families and offers many activities in an attempt to have something for everyone. Of course you’ll be able to select a pumpkin, but there’s also a corn maze, hayrides, face painting, and other crops to choose from.

Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch

6903 Wyoming Trail, Wyoming, MN 55092

(651) 462-1516

Sprawling over 40-acres, wander the patch and find the perfect pumpkin. This pumpkin patch is really a tradition, and you’ll find a lot of locals out there enjoying the weather.

Waldoch Farm Pumpkin Patch

8174 Lake Drive, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

(651) 780-1207

This working farm, located outside of the Twin Cities, offers a full selection of pick-your-own crops, including zucchini, squash, and, of course, pumpkins. There are farm animals, hay bales, and homemade kettle corn.

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Visiting Wind Cave National Park

If you want your next RV outing to be extra special, you’ve got to head towards one of America’s renowned national parks. While there are plenty to choose from, might we suggest Wind Cave National Park? It’s not as well known as some parks, but that’s not indicative of its quality at all. It’s the perfect spot for some early fall RV camping.

Wind Cave National Park is a United States national park 10 miles north of the town of Hot Springs in western South Dakota. Established in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, it was the seventh U.S. National Park and the first cave to be designated a national park anywhere in the world. The cave is notable for its displays of the calcite formation known as boxwork. Approximately 95 percent of the world’s discovered boxwork formations are found in Wind Cave. Wind Cave is also known for its frostwork. The cave is also considered a three-dimensional maze cave, recognized as the densest (greatest passage volume per cubic mile) cave system in the world. The cave is currently the sixth-longest in the world with 140.47 miles of explored cave passageways. Above ground, the park includes the largest remaining natural mixed-grass prairie in the United States.

The park got its name from the cave systems, which are said to “breathe,” that is, air continually moves into or out of a cave, equalizing the atmospheric pressure of the cave and the outside air. A large cave (such as Wind Cave) with only a few small openings will “breathe” more obviously than a small cave with many large openings.

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Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who founded our modern national park system, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the badlands of North Dakota.

Teddy Roosevelt had an intimate relationship with the land that would one day bear his name. He came to the Dakota Territory in 1883 when he was a skinny young man and left a little older and a lot tougher. His adventures in the rugged landscape of North Dakota forever altered his life and, ultimately, the course of the nation.

The park offers visitors scenic drives, over 100 miles of foot and horse trails, wildlife viewing, and opportunities for back country hiking and camping. There are three developed campgrounds for use: Juniper Campground, Cottonwood Campground, and the Roundup Group Horse Campground.

Wildlife viewing is especially popular, as the park is home to many native species, including bison, coyotes, cougars, feral horses, badgers, elk, bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, mule deer, prairie dogs, golden eagles, sharp-tailed grouse, and wild turkeys.

The park also preserves the history and artifacts of Roosevelt’s time there, including the cabin he lived in and the lands his ranch occupied.

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Great Recipes to Cook in September

As the temperatures start to drop this September, warm family meals become a part of the RV lifestyle. These simple fall meals can be made in your RV kitchen, on a grill or even over the open flame. So light up that campfire and start enjoying all of the pleasures and delicious flavors that the fall RV season has to offer.

Campfire Chicken Stew

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 fryer chicken (cut up)
  • 4 medium potatoes (peeled and sliced)
  • 1 cup carrots (thinly sliced)
  • 1 green pepper (sliced)
  • 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup (no water added)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Aluminum foil

Cooking Instructions:

  • Grill the chicken pieces for roughly three minutes on each side.
  • Lay down for sheets of double thickness aluminum foil, and divide the chicken, carrots, potatoes and green pepper onto each piece of foil.
  • Fold the foil into a packet, then pour the soup, water, salt and pepper evenly into each one.
  • Seal each packet tightly and grill them for 20-25 minutes until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Campfire Reubens

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup Thousand Island dressing
  • 3/4-pound deli-sliced corned beef
  • 1/2-pound Swiss cheese slices
  • 1 cup sauerkraut
  • 8 slices pumpernickel bread
  • Aluminum foil

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Cut four squares of aluminum foil, then set two slices of bread next to each other on each piece.
  2. Spread Thousand Island dressing evenly on each slice of bread.
  3. Divide the meat, cheese and sauerkraut evenly onto one slice on each piece of foil.
  4. Top the sandwich with the other slice of bread and seal the foil around each sandwich.
  5. Set each packet on a grate over the fire (or the grill) and cook them for about 30 minutes. Flip each sandwich over every ten minutes.
  6. Unwrap and enjoy.

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Visit Judge C.R. Magney State Park

Continuing the series on Minnesota’s state parks, we’ve got Judge C.R. Magney State Park up next. Sprawled across 4,695 acres, the park attracts nearly 70,000 annual visitors and over 6,000 overnight stays.

Come for the quiet, the solitude, and the famous Devil’s Kettle waterfall. The most popular hike leads from the trailhead upstream along the Brule River to Devil’s Kettle, where the river splits around a mass of volcanic rock. Half of the river plunges 50 feet into a pool, while the rest pours into a huge pothole. Anglers can catch brook and rainbow trout in the Brule River or its tributary, Gauthier Creek. The park offers camping, picnicking, and hiking.

The park is a wildlife observer’s dream. Moose, white-tailed deer, black bears, and timber wolves are among the larger animals that inhabit the park. Smaller mammals that visitors may see include the woodchuck, snowshoe hare, red squirrel, and chipmunk. In the spring and summer, listen for the songs of warblers. All year round, chickadees, nuthatches, jays, woodpeckers, and ruffed grouse can be seen in the park.

The scenic Brule River races through the park, forming whitewater rapids and waterfalls on its way to Lake Superior. Along the lower stretches of the river are a series of spectacular waterfalls.

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Visit Lake Carlos State Park

Looking for a nearby spot to camp and enjoy some outdoor recreation, perhaps for spring break? If you’re centered in Minnesota or plan on passing through soon, check out Lake Carlos State Park.

Sculpted by ancient glaciers, Lake Carlos State Park contains a tamarack bog, marshes, woodland ponds, and lakes.

A variety of recreational activities revolve around the lake. Clear and deep, Lake Carlos offers visitors a perfect setting for swimming, fishing, boating, camping, hiking and horseback riding. In the winter, ski from the tamarack bog to a maple-basswood forest.

Away from the lake, hiking is an especially good activity. Trails lead through Lake Carlos’s tamarack bog, which is carpeted with showy lady’s slippers, pitcher plants, dragon’s mouths, grass pink, and insect-eating sundews. Most flowers start to bloom in the bog between late spring and early summer.

Birdwatchers will also love the lake, as it offers a unique ecosystem with eagles and ospreys. Other common birds in the spring include the red-eyed vireo, tree swallow, red-breasted nuthatch, American robin, yellow-rumped warbler, indigo bunting, swamp sparrow, blue-winged teal, ruby-throated hummingbird, and many more.

Free WiFi is available at the campground and Visitors Center. The park’s hours are from 8am to 4pm daily.

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5 Must-Try Hiking Trails in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the country’s best travel destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. This is especially true in the fall months, when the temperatures remain cool and comfortable for invigorating mountain, woods and coastal adventures. The following are five hiking trails every traveler should try when passing through Minnesota.

Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain is the highest point in Minnesota, and although it sits at just 2,301 feet, the stunning views of the state’s expansive forests are well worth a visit. The round-trip hike is 7-miles long and can be steep at times, so be sure to attempt some of the state’s more mellow adventures before heading to the peak.

Glendalough State Park

This western Minnesota state park offers an array of hiking trails for all levels of hikers. The Battle Lake Trail is a must-do, and you’re guaranteed to love the lack of traffic, as vehicles are not allowed near the trails or campsites.

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Many travelers don’t know that Minnesota is home to some of the best waterfalls in the U.S. Gooseberry Falls State Park, located just north of Duluth, is loaded with 20 miles of scenic hiking trails including those to waterfalls and the scenic shores of Lake Superior.

Itasca State Park

The trails at Itasca State Park offer photogenic views around every turn. Hike to the Alton Heights observation tower to snap photos and pay a visit to the Mississippi headwaters.

George Crosby Manitou State Park

Avid hikers love to frequent Manitou State Park and its 24 miles of backcountry trails. These rugged, challenging trails are designed for experienced hikers, and those who make the trek always return bragging about the views.

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The Top 3 Steakhouses in Minnesota

A steak dinner is an iconic piece of the American dining scene, and Minnesota is home to some of the best steakhouses in the country. Whether you’re headed out on a first date, enjoying an anniversary dinner or are simply in the mood for a mouthwatering Minnesota steak, these three steakhouses are the best of the best in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Mancini’s Char House and Lounge

Mancini’s Char House and Lounge is the place to be in Saint Paul if you want a classy atmosphere with one of the top steaks in the state on your plate. Unbeatable service, classy retro decor and an emphasis on serving up the best steaks in the area, sets Mancini’s apart from the rest. Even better, Mancini’s doesn’t break your bank with high prices, so you can enjoy a mouthwatering, five-star meal without worrying about your budget.


Burch is a classic steakhouse on Colfax Ave., in Minneapolis that has become one of the most famous in the state. They serve up the classic cuts as well as innovative cuts many have never seen, so there’s always something new to try. The steakhouse’s ambiance makes every visit a special one, and it’s a place you can take even the pickiest steak lover.

Lindey’s Prime Steak House, Restaurant and Bar

Lindey’s Prime Steak House, Restaurant and Bar is a delicious steakhouse without the high prices and sometimes stuffy feel. It’s a small, casual place that focuses on flavor rather than promoting a swanky atmosphere. The sirloin steak is their famed cut, and there’s no doubt you’ll leave feeling full and satisfied. The laid back atmosphere also means you don’t need to dress up, so you can just kick back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

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Tips for RVing as a Couple

Traveling the country in your RV with a partner is one of the most enjoyable things in the world… or one of the most frustrating! Depends on the day, really. While you might get along most of the time, there’s something about being in close proximity with another person for days, weeks, or even months without pause that can really leave you feeling like your buttons are being pushed.

RVs mean unrivaled intimacy due to the face that they’re both your means of travel and your living quarters all in one compact package. To prevent yourself from becoming tired of your partner, it’s important to practice certain habits to distance yourself when need be.

Headphones Are Everything

There’s nothing better at creating an immediate barrier between yourself and another person than a good pair of headphones. Whether you need to cool off or simply need some alone time, headphones provide it. Listen to some music you like, catch up on an audiobook or podcast, or watch some videos. After some “alone” time, you can rejoin your partner by simply pulling the earbuds out.

Have Your Own Interests

Sure you’re traveling together and doing pretty much everything else together, but you should definitely bring along some personal hobbies with you on the road. Just like practicing them at home, your hobbies allow you to have that stress relief that only comes from doing something you love on your own. Whether it’s calligraphy, photography, writing, scrapbooking, knitting, or whatever else, don’t leave your hobbies behind.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

No matter how annoyed you are or even angry, it’s crucial that you keep communication open with your partner. While the silent treatment might sound appealing, there’s no chance that fences will be mended if you don’t talk. On that note, don’t stay angry with your partner. You’re on the road with them with nowhere to go, so make the best of any situation and let go of any anger you’re harboring.

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Visit Grand Portage State Park

Grand Portage State Park is a state park at the northeastern tip of Minnesota near the Canadian border. It contains a 120-foot waterfall, the tallest in the state, on the Pigeon River. The High Falls and other waterfalls and rapids upstream necessitated a historically important portage on a fur trade route between the Great Lakes and inland Canada. This 8.5-mile path plus the site of forts on either end are preserved in nearby Grand Portage National Monument.

The glacial ridges in the park add to a varied terrain which harbors an abundance of wildlife. The channeled bays and river islands below the falls are home to osprey, eagle, otter, beaver, moose, and great-blue heron. Visitors can expect to see white-tail deer and black bear along with other small animals and birds.

Mixed hardwood forest covers most of the park and is dominated by paper birch and quaking aspen, with occasional white spruce, white pine, balsam fir, white cedar, poplar, and black ash. The forested areas provide a beautiful backdrop to the rugged beauty of the falls and the shoreline of the Pigeon River that runs through the park.

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